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Price of replacement screen

Hello. I'm the owner/operator of a small iPhone repair shop. Does anyone out there know why the iPhone 5 replacement screen is so expensive? Is it a supply issue? Is it a new technology issue? Also, any speculation on whether the price will come down? The best price I'm getting them for is $250-265. At that price, I charge my customers $300 for the repair. Apple charges $229 (I think). I'm concerned this is the beginning of the end of my business if the prices don't come down. Any insight from other repair shops?

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I'm in the same boat. However. As soon as it has been out for a little while longer. Price will come down. As will the older models. It really isn't fun to hurry up and wait. But it is what we have to do. Or pay a little more. I'd love if someone would give a place where I could buy the screens under 175 or so. I've seen 150-250. From some wholesalers. Who is another good wholesaler?


It's been a while why no change in price or availability?


I have seen the price on iPhone 5/5s/5c increase by 50% in the last 4 weeks? whats that all about????


I wish I could get the answer to this question too!!?? I have just paid £31 for a screen that I bought for £19 three weeks ago!!???


Lg and sharp make the iPhone 5 lcd.

Most of them are made by lg

But for some reason lg stopped with producing the lcd's so there is a world wide shortage

Thad is the cause of the big inflation.

Lg needs to start the production again!


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It's simple supply and demand. Apple can't make the iPhone fast enough and haven't even launched in all countries yet.

The price will come down as soon as Apple can easily keep up with demand.

The new screens also use new technology to be produced. This new technology means that no one can make copy versions that are much cheaper either.

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It's a supply issue. iPhone 5 uses an in-cell LCD/touch combo panel, most other LCD manufacturers that offer iPhone 4 panels can't supply. The ones that do simply does not take orders from anyone other than Apple. In the early days the OEM part suppliers literally have to buy phones and resell them for parts. the price was in the $250-300 range. Now they can buy cracked screen and recover the LCD panel, the price is around $100

Now the Chinese websites sell the entire front panel assemblies that include everything at ¥400-600 range, which is $65-100. I wonder if it's profitable to sell them overseas.

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