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How to exchange the complete Keyboard? (MBA 2012 13")


I bought an US Macbook Air 13" and would like to have the German keyboard (layout).

I am looking for a manual how to change the keyboard.

thanks and regards

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Hello Chris,

unfortunately it is not so easy because replacing the keyboard is like replacing the upper case!

MacBook Air 13" Mid 2012 Upper Case Replacement - Use this guide to replace the upper case, including the backlit keyboard.

For information, i'm french and I have a friend that bought a US macbook pro but wanted a french AZERTY layout. If you buy a brand new one, the tip is to order the devise directly at the online apple store and to ask for the free option Canadian keyboard. Canadian keyboard are also azerty! I don't know for German layout...

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thanks for the tutorial!! Thats very useful! the german layout is differen to the french one. its QWERTZ


Good to know!


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