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Can I fix a dead motherboard?

The DFI LanParty DK 790FX-B M2RSH motherboard of my computer stopped working overnight. It turns on, but the promt stops at error 88, which means, according to its manual, a corrupted CMOS data or a defective motherboard ("NB chip may be defective". I guess it refers to the northbridge chip).

So, I loaded the default values stored in the ROM BIOS as the manual explains (moving the jumper), but I get the same error. Then, I brought it to technical service and the technician said me, after a couple of days, that motherdboard is dead (I guess he tried out every part) and I need a new one (mine has "only" three years). So, here is the question: ¿can I fix a dead motherboard? ¿Recover the ROM BIOS in some way? ¿Or the best I can do is send it to recycle?

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Someone tried to replace my screen and now my phone want even come on I think they hit a few important keys on the motherboard


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If your computer refuses to boot or tends to turn off without warning, see the Faulty Power Supply to Motherboard problem page for possible causes and solutions.

Try disconnecting and reconnecting all the power supply cables that connect to the motherboard. I had one in the shop recently that had the same issue and a new power supply resolved it. Can you try a different power supply?

It's worth checking before scrapping the MB.

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I guess the technician tried that. Two days ago he told me that one capacitor failed, that could cause the POST problem, and is something that seems is possible to fix, so I'll try that.


yes it is possible, if you know which capacitor has failed. Make sure that you get the right type and that there is no major reason why the cap may have failed.


Thanks a lot :)


no this didnt help cause i everything what you to do and still no response


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