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Half of screen is Blue/Black

I was followed the guide to fixing the power button. Everything went well until i turned it on. I can only see half the screen the other half is black. I have tried tightening the screws and reconnecting the screen connections with no luck. The touch features are still fully functional.

Block Image

Any suggestions?

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Try to change your lcd and touch its comes altogather any way its lcd problem


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Looks like you have either a bad video connection, or an ESD issue while opening and handling the the internals of the phone. If all you did was change a power button the only possible causes would be your LCD/Digitizer connectors either are not on all the way, damaged, or something got pinched or zapped with electrostatic. Were you grounded and did you take the logic board out?

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I did take the logic board out and I doubt I was not grounded.


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