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Model A1001 or A1025 / 667, 800, 867, or 1.0 GHz G4 processor

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Can one upgrade the Wifi card in the PowerBook G4 Titanium?

I have a PowerBook G4 Titanium 1Ghz DVI with a Airport firmware 9.52. It seems to only have WEP under OSX 10.5.n. Is there any upgrade I can do/get to give me WPA?

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Sorry to say you're between a rock and a hard place.

Your system can only go up to Leopard OS-X 10.5.x as it has a PowerPC CPU Vs Intel. Snow Leopard was the first release to offer WPA services. I don't know of any 3rd party offerings to get you there, besides, I doubt they are still offering the needed software given the time that has passed.

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Thanks for your answer. My memory is most problem foggy as I was shoure I had WPA on 10.5.x on my MacBook-Pro 1.8Ghz but hay ho.

Thanks again


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Sorry to revive a long dead thread but this bothered me. Your memory is crystal clear, you did have WPA and even WPA2, on your MacBook Pro, on Leopard and even Tiger. In fact, I'm currently working on a Powerbook G4 running 10.4 that's connected to my wireless AC mesh network via it's original airport card and the security on my network is WPA2-PSK AES.


Your MacBook Pro (Intel) uses a newer AirPort extreme board. The PowerBook (PowerPC) never offered it and can only get upto Leopard which only offers WEP within PowerPC based systems.

To be clear WPA requires AES/CCMP services which is not supported with the original 802.11b AirPort Card, but is with the 802.11b/g AirPort Extreme Card.


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I don't know if I'm in the twilight zone too, but i have had a million different powerbooks and ibooks. They all had a wpa option on them and worked perfectly on my newer wifi. Even ubuntu on powerpc had wpa. I do believe powerbook titanium series and before did not include an airport extreme card it just had an airport card that only offers wep. You can set newer routers to wep temporarily to do updates as I have done.

I have just run into a powerbook with osx 10.4 that only gives the wep option on an airport extreme card that has been tested to have a wpa option. I think the retail version of osx 10.4 has this update in it and this osx i have on this powerbook must be an update from osx jaguar without the wpa update.

Just to be firm powerbook/ibook/imacg5/powermac all use wpa as an option with the right mac osx software. I have never used osx 10.4/10.5 on pentium macs only snow leopard and that had wpa. You may have to plugin manually to the network and update osx to gain the feature. I'll come back and post if I get it figured out.

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