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One of the internal speakers not woking

The left internal speaker of my phone has stopped working. Only the right speaker is working. Please help.

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My left speaker on my iPhone 4 is not working


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Hi. There is only one speaker at the bottom on iPhone 4, 4S (on the right side)

As you see on the picture. (taken from behind

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Alex is correct, the internal speaker is on the right, the left side is the main microphone.

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I want to know whether your iPhone 4S is within warranty or not. If it is within warranty then the best option is TAKE IT BACK. If you don’t want to do this then you can try to check your volume settings. Go to settings > Sound. If you are playing music with headphones in, and then unplug them, the music automatically stops, so make sure it’s playing correctly. If it doesn’t help you can hard reset the phone by holding the Hold and Home buttons until Apple logo appears. At last resort, try a restore through iTunes. If nothing happens then you will definitely return the phone or you have to talk to some expert at the apple store. I think they can able to help you further…all the best

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It's only having one speaker(right side ) and the other one is


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