ipad unable to start from sleep

ipad 1/16gb

after either put it to sleep with power button, or from screen timeout, it does not turn back up with power button. in order to turn it back on, either 1) let it sit and it will come back on by itself, usually after a long while (5 or 10 minutes) OR 2) long press the power button, at least 2+ minutes. when it comes back on, it will be at the lock screen.

another problem is that i charges very slowly, like 1-2% in an hour.

if i disable the screen timeout, it will continue to be on and working, just when i turn it off, sometime it will not come back on.

I brought this used, its screen was crack and the case was slightly bend at the power button and sound button, very slightly.

i have try doing factory reset, itunes restore. still have the same problem.

please and thank-you for all your suggestion.

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