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The HTC One X is the first HTC phone to be equipped with a quad-core processor, released in April 2012.

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Black screen after replasement

Hi, help no backlight on my HTC one x after changed to new LCD/touch screen...

Tried to reboot and tried to add new rom but nothing..

Pleas help anyone?

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To just eliminate the possibility of this being a software issue - Did you test out your phone on a working rom after the repair? Or did you finish your repair then started flashing?


Hi, i test the orginal rom and the new. No luck. But i flashed after the repair.


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There are multiple versions of the LCD. There are a few ways to tell (color of the flex, i believe is one). I think 2 are cross compatible, but the other one is specifically that version.

I would suggest comparing your old one to your new one, then contact seller of the screen.

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Hi, i can not see any Big differense.. I have an picture if you can help me see? Email?


Hi again, my mistake, it is wrong Color on my new screen, switched back to this and all good! Tanks this was great;)


Where did you find your info? I have been struggling with this problem for almost two months and can not find the correct replacement. Are the different colors you're referring to on the backs of the end that connects to the mobo? Where do you find the different replacements?


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