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Harddisk icon at startup; whats wrong?

At the last few weeks my Mac mini (mid 2007) displays sometimes a harddisk icon after pressing the powerup button. This is know as the Startup Manager, and also displayed when the option key is hold during boot. It happens with Leopard as well with Snow Leopard installed. I did the follow actions to solve this, but all negative, someone help please!

1. Redefine the startup disk in System Preferences (again and again..)

2. Checking hardware with Onyx and Apple Hardware Test: no problems

3. Resetting the PRAM: time, date and soundlevel are saved well, so battery is ok(?) The startup disk also is saved in the PRAM.

4. Resetting the SMC

5. Replace harddrive

Maybe something is wrong with the Apple keyboard or USB ports, so the mini receives an Option-key event at boot? Or there is an invisible person in the room pressing the the key..

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Since I disable the option 'DVI DMPM' of my Eizo monitor, the issue is gone..

I manually power on and off the monitor.

Mac mini (mid 2007)   Mac OS X (10.6.2)   120GB HDD, 2GB RAM  

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This happens when the option key is pressed during startup. Have you tried booting it with the USB keyboard detatched?

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Yes. Today I replaced the PRAM battery and yesterday I booted without keyboard. In both cases the issue is stil there. The icon appears automatically when the mini is powered off for a longer time. If I reboot or power off and on in a short time, it boots normally..

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This may sound strange but how do you connect to the internet and has it been hooked up during your tests? What external devices are hooked up?


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Ethernet is connected, with access to the internet. I use a 1 TB WesterDigital MyBook as TimeMachine disk, but is only connected when I want to make a backup, so it is not continuously connected.

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