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Student-Contributed Wiki

Wiki contribuído por estudante

Um aluno de nosso programa de educação fez este wiki. Não foi feito pelo pessoal do iFixit.

Device is not charging

I only have 1% of battery left and my device is not charging!

Charger is broken

Try using an alternate working charger to charge the device. If it charges, you know that it is the charger that is broken, and a new one is needed.

Battery is not holding a charge

If a working charger doesn't charge the device, replacing the battery may fix your problem. Refer to the battery replacement guide here.

Camera is not working

I can't take selfies with my BFF!

Software is frozen

Restart the device and try using the camera again.

Camera is broken

If the camera still does not work after the device has been restarted, refer to the camera replacement guide here.

Flex cable is broken

If the camera is still not working after the camera has been replaced, the flex cable (what connects the camera to the motherboard), may need to be replaced. Refer to the flex cable replacement guide here.

Buttons are not working

My sleep button is not working and I keep pocket dialing people!

Buttons are sticking

If the buttons stick, try cleaning them using a small brush.

Sound is not coming out

I can't hear my favorite song!

Volume is on low/mute

Check to see if the media volume on the device is low or on mute. Keep in mind that sometimes there are in-app volume controls as well as device settings (Settings>Sound>Volume) in addition to the volume buttons for the phone. (When in the "Sound" settings page, make sure you are not in Silent or Vibrate mode)

Software has issues

Try restarting the device and see if sound comes out.

Speakers are not working

Try plugging a pair of working headphones into the audio jack. If sound comes out through the headphones but not through the speakers, you may need to replace the motherboard (which holds the speakers). Refer to the motherboard replacement guide here.

Audio jack is not working

If sound comes out of the speakers but does not come out of working headphones when plugged into the audio jack, you may have to replace the audio jack. Refer to the audio jack replacement guide here.

My tablet had 15%charger,it seems hanged..after 5minuten turn off.now it is no charging no turn on.I have change battery,I buy it, ;-( but it doesn't work. Please help me I am refugee in Germany. (askari_idol@yahoo.com) thank you

abedas2000 - Responder

wifi is not going on

gaetan moussoni - Responder

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