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Dead Battery

◦ Non-Replicable

The battery for this phone could not be replaced without breaking the phone.

Will not charge

◦Wrong charger

Read the label on your charger and if it belongs to your phones brand and model it will say so on the label.

◦Broken charger

To check if the charger is broken, just use it on another phone and if the other phone does not give a reaction (read error or start charging) then the charger is dead.

◦Dead battery

To check if the battery on your phone is dead, use the charger on another phone and if the other phone gives a reaction (read error or start charging) then it’s your phones battery that’s dead.

◦Bad Outlet

To see if it’s the outlet that’s dead just move your phone and charger to another outlet. If the phone begins to charge then it was the outlet.

Broken Case

The case can be damaged either by being scratched, dented, and cracked


Broken case can happen several ways, either by falling on the floor, sitting on it, putting it on a wrong surface, or dropping something on it.

Memory Card Problems

◦Absent memory card

Before you do anything, make sure the memory card is installed. If there is no memory card, please install one safely. To check to see if there is one, please use ZTE Grand S guide for instruction how to replace one.

◦Card inserted incorrectly

If there is a card installed, check to see if it is installed correctly if not, remove it and re-install it the right way. If it still does not work, just restart the phone.

◦Data overload

To make sure your data is not over load. Look at your chip to see if it has too much Data, if it does, remove some of the data so that the phone can work properly.

◦Memory card is broken

To find out what is wrong, first insert a new memory card to determine if the card reader and the chip are working properly. If one of them is the problem, replace the one that causes the problem. However, if the chip reader is the problem than take it back to where you purchased your phone to be fixed or replaced.

Black Screen

◦Brightness Settings

To change your brightness settings from the homepage press Menu, then go to settings, Display, Brightness. Then adjust brightness level to your desired setting.

◦LCD Issues

If the screen is non-responsive, press and hold the power button to reset the phone. After resetting, if the phone is still non responsive, take it to a professional for repair.

Broken camera

◦Settings changed

To access and change the camera settings, go to the camera application from the home page, and from there, adjust as necessary.

◦Lens damaged

If you notice your pictures are suddenly substandard, first try cleaning the lens.

To clean properly, use a microfiber cloth. This should remove any surface fingerprints. It is important to not use your breath as it contains acids which may damage the lens.

If there is dirt underneath, you will have to remove the back cover and use a small amount of liquid lens cleaner and a Q-Tip cotton swab from inside the back cover.

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