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Did you come across Windows 8 NTFS File Error? Don’t worry; we’re here to help you out. You need not be a tech savvy person to solve it yourself. Follow the solutions given in the article.

Check Hard Disk for Errors

Your hard disk may have bad sectors. Boot from the Windows installation disc, run Check Disk.

1. Insert Windows Operating System installation disc.

2. Restart your machine.

3. Press F2 key repeatedly.

4. Set First Boot Device to your DVD ROM Drive; Second Boot Device to your Hard Disk Drive.

5. Save the settings and exit.

6. The system will restart automatically and a message will appear to press a key to boot from DVD.

7. Press any key, let the setup wizard load.

8. Click Next button and then “Repair your computer” link.

9. Choose “Use Recovery Tools”, click Next.

10. Click Command Prompt, type “chkdsk /r c:” (without quotes) and press ENTER.

Note: Replace “c:” with appropriate system drive letter.

Repair Registry

Scan and repair all Registry errors. It may take a few minutes, show list of all errors to repair instantly.

Change Paging File Size

Windows sets default paging file size. Increase it to fix Windows 8 NTFS_FILE_ERROR.

1. Right click My Computer desktop icon, select Properties.

2. Click “Advanced System Settings” link.

3. Click Advanced tab | Settings (Performance) | Advanced tab | Change (Virtual Memory).

4. Uncheck the box labelled “Automatically manage paging file size for all drives”.

5. Select your system drive, usually drive C:6. Set a custom size, increase it and then click OK | OK.

Change File Security Settings

The file displayed in the error message may not have adequate security permissions. Provide full read/ write access permissions.

1. Go to the parent directory where the file is stored. Right click the file, select Properties.

2. Click Security tab.

3. Click Edit button, check-up all boxes in the “Allow” column.

4. Click OK | OK.

Change Group Policy Editor Settings

Group Policy Editor contains attachment settings. Disable preserving zone information from file attachments.

1. Press Windows Key + R.

2. Type “GPEdit.msc” and press ENTER.

3. Expand the following:

User Configuration | Administrative Templates | Windows Components | Attachment Manager

4. Double click “Do not preserve zone information in file attachments”.

5. Select “Enabled” option.

6. Click OK and restart your computer for the changes to take effects. This will repair Windows 8 NTFS_FILE_ERROR.

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