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Um aluno de nosso programa de educação fez este wiki. Não foi feito pelo pessoal do iFixit.

VuPoint DC-ST210-VP Troubleshooting

The camera will not turn on

If the camera will not turn on, there may be several issues with the circuit board or the battery port. Perhaps the wires that connect the power from the batteries to the circuit board are compromised. The circuit board also could have overheated and received damage. Parts of the circuit board may need to be replaced or you may need to install a new one depending on the amount of damage present in the current one. Try replacing the batteries or plugging the camera into a power source before perusing the above recommendations.

The battery is drained or drains quickly

If the camera won't turn on, the battery may be out of juice. Simply charging your camera battery can fix the problem, also ensure that the battery cover is tightly closed. Otherwise, there may be an issue with the circuit board that causes the over-use of power; if this is the case, the circuit board will need to be replaced. Also getting a new battery can be another way to solve this problem.

The screen has poor display quality

If the screen's display is fuzzy or not working it could be that the camera screen is flawed. In this case, screen replacement is recommended

The shutter button turns off the camera

If the shutter button turns off the camera, the logic in the circuit board is likely flawed. To fix this you will most likely need to replace the circuit board inside the camera or somehow repair it.

The LCD does not work

If the screen is damaged in any way, the only way to repair the camera is to replace the display. Also it is possible that wires plugging the screen into the camera have come undone.

The camera will not produce flash

If the camera does not produce flash, check the flash settings on the camera and ensure that it is not set to "auto-flash" or "no-flash". If the problem persists, the flash bulb inside the camera may be burnt out or damaged. The capacitor in the camera that produces the flash may also be damaged. These parts will need replacing.

The shutter button does not take pictures

If pressing the shutter button does not take photos, the shutter button may be flawed and may need to be replaced. If the shutter button is not fixed in place and/or moves around and seems loose, the shutter button may need to be replaced.

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