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Light turns off on its own

No matter what you do, you can't get your Nokero Shavano to stay on. Before you go taking things apart, try a few simple tricks that might fix the problem.

Cover the solar panel to block it from light

You can test this remedy with your hand first:

1) Turn the light on by pressing the "ON" button.

2) Cover the solar panel completely with your hand.

3) If the light turns on, wait about 15 seconds to see if the light turns off on its own. If it does not turn on, follow the next troubleshooting guidelines for more possible solutions.

4) If the light does not turn off after about 15 seconds, you can remove your hand, then see if it turns off.

5) If the light turns off when your hand is removed, then you have found the problem. Find a piece of paper to tape over the solar panel.

6) When you want to let your light charge from sunlight, you can remove the piece of paper to expose the solar panel.

Check the batteries

Without even knowing it, there might not be any batteries in your device. Or, the batteries that are in your device could be dying.

Follow these steps to check the batteries:

1) Twist off the protective cover for the light.

2) Once the cover has been removed, pinch the plastic ring that was underneath the cover and remove it.

3) Now, there are two AA battery compartments on either side of the light bulb. Peak through the slots of the battery compartments to see if there are batteries in them. If there are no batteries in the compartments, then you have found the problem: You need batteries!

4) Open the covers of the battery compartments by sticking your finger in the semicircles that are next to the battery covers and pulling your finger inward toward the bulb, prying open the covers.

5) Once the battery compartments are open, make sure the batteries are correctly positioned. If they are not, reposition them so that the positive and negative ends of the batteries are facing the right direction, then press the "ON" button to check if the problem is fixed.

6) If there were no batteries in the device, insert 2 fresh rechargeable AA batteries. If there were batteries in the device, replace them with fresh rechargeable AA batteries.

7) Press the "ON" button to see if the device turns on and stays on.

Light will not turn on

You're about to return the light because it won't even turn on. Before you return the device for a refund, take a minute to check for some easy solutions.

Turn the light ON

The light does not turn on by itself, genius.

Try pressing the ON button (the ON button is the black rubber, pea-sized button next to the solar panel). If the light does not turn on, try pressing the ON button again. If it still does not turn on, follow the next troubleshooting guidelines for more possible solutions.

Cover the solar panel to block it from light

Refer to the "Cover the solar panel to block it from light" section under the first troubleshooting segment titled Light turns off on its own.

Check the batteries

Refer to the "Check the batteries" section under the first troubleshooting segment titled Light turns off on its own.

Solar panel does not recharge batteries

''Get new batteries"

Place device in direct sunlight

With the device ON, place it in a spot that gets continuous sunlight throughout the day. Make sure to position the device so that the solar panel is aimed directly towards the sun.

Make sure you are using rechargeable batteries

For this device to recharge, it must have rechargeable AA batteries in it. The solar panel recharges the batteries, not the bulb! Refer to the "Check the batteries" section under the first troubleshooting segment titled Light turns off on its own for guidance on checking and changing the device's batteries.

Examine solar panel for cracks

If the solar panel is damaged with cracks, then it is rendered unserviceable. If you still have your receipt and purchased this device in the last 2-3 weeks, then you're probably in luck. You should be able to return your Nokero Shavano for either a refund or an exchange.

Light flickers continuously


Check the batteries

Like many of the other troubleshooting issues, this problem could be the result of dying batteries.

Refer to the "Check the batteries" section under the first troubleshooting segment titled Light turns off on its own.

Look for loose wires/ broken circuits

Sometimes, when electronic devices are handled roughly or dropped, the wires inside can become loose from a weak soldering job in the device's circuitry. For the Nokero Shavano, this situation can cause the light to flicker, since a loose wire may sway to and from its respective solder joint. This will cause the circuit to open and close repetitively when the device is turned on.

To search for loose wires, you must disassemble the Nokero Shavano. Before you disassemble the device, you can try gently shaking it next to you ear to listen for any loose parts inside, which might give you a slight idea of whether you should take it apart or not. Keep in mind that shaking it next to your ear is not a definite diagnosis procedure.

To search your device for loose wires, follow these steps:

1) Refer to the "Check the batteries" section under the first troubleshooting segment titled Light turns off on its own. Once you have followed those instructions, continue to Step 2.

2) Find a hand screw driver that fits the screws you have now exposed.

3) Remembering to keep track of the screws you are about to remove and where they came from, begin to unscrew the exposed screws by with your hand screw driver.

4) Once the screws have been removed, open the covered part of the device which is now loose. When it is opened up, the device's circuitry should be visible.

5) Examine the device's circuitry for any loose wires or broken solder joints. If you find a solder joint without a wire attached, then there must be a loose wire somewhere. Likewise, if you find a loose wire, then there must be a lone solder joint somewhere. If you find either of these, look for the corresponding member. If you have found both a loose wire and its respective soldering joint, follow the next set of instructions.

Soldering a wire to a joint

1) You need a soldering iron, so find one.

2) Plug in the soldering iron. Set it in a stand or in a place away from combustible materials to heat up.

3) Once the soldering iron has heated up, hold the loose wire in one hand. With your free hand, touch the tip of the soldering iron to the solder joint that is missing a wire and wait for the solder to melt. Be careful not to melt other solder joints.

4) Once the lone solder joint has melted, join the copper tip of the loose wire to it and hold it in the melted solder until the solder hardens.

5) Now that you have soldered the loose wire back in to place, reassemble your Nokero Shavano and check to make sure it works. Fixing the loose wire should have stopped the device's flickering.

Try to figure out the exact pattern of the light's flickering. When you have done this, blink your eyes every time the light flickers OFF. By doing this, you won't even notice that the light is flickering. It will seem like the light is remaining in a constant glow.

Use light for parties

With this bright light continuously flickering, it will make a great strobe light. Use the light for parties, and non-epileptic guests will enjoy the touch of your new strobe light.

Light will not turn off

"Maybe you have to know darkness before you can appreciate the light."

- Madeleine L'Engle

Turn the light OFF

Surprisingly, the makers of this light came up with the ingenious idea of incorporating a button on the device that turns the light off.

This device has two light settings: Bright and Less bright. So when you press the ON/OFF button once after it has been turned on, it will switch to the "Less bright" setting. Press the ON/OFF button once more to turn the light completely off.

The ON/OFF button is the black rubber, pea-sized button located next to the solar panel.

Take batteries out

Refer to the "Check the batteries" section under the first troubleshooting segment titled Light turns off on its own to follow the steps needed to take the batteries out.

If the light still does not turn off after you have removed the batteries from the device, follow the next guideline.

Cover the light

You're in luck! This is the problem that everyone hopes for! Self-propelled renewable energy! When you want the light off, just throw an old shirt over it or something. When you want the light back "ON," just remove the old shirt from the light. Vuala! The light is back on! In the meantime, consider selling the device to science for millions!



Thanks for the help! I never would have realized that the solar panel has to be covered to stay on during the day!

-Dick L., (MO)

josh minstra - Responder

they should realy tell u that u need batterys for it to turn on before you buy it. thanks for the help

Brenda W - Responder

Hands down, this is the best troubleshooting guide I've ever seen. Thanks for the help! I didn't know you needed to have the thing on for it to charge.

Frank Schlitz - Responder

This page is crap! Thanks for wasting my time!

Tony Vasquez - Responder

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