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Um aluno de nosso programa de educação fez este wiki. Não foi feito pelo pessoal do iFixit.

Trio Stealth G2 Hype Troubleshooting

Trio Stealth will not turn on

It seems there is no possible way to turn on the device.

Faulty/Dead Battery

At first, try charging the tablet before taking apart your device. The main cause for a device not turning on is because there is something wrong with the battery. In this case, you will need to replace the battery.

Faulty LCD

Try charging the device first to see if it is a problem with the battery itself, as it is difficult to tell if the LCD is the problem or if there is another reason why you cannot see anything on the screen. If the LCD is defective, the backlight will not come on, even though the device is on.

At this point, you will need to replace the LCD screen.

Distorted/No Sound from Speakers

There is no sound coming from built in speakers or the audio is low quality and distorted.

Bad audio streams

Try listening to something that is known for sure to have high quality sound on other devices to test if this is a problem with a specific audio stream.

Faulty Speakers

If the problem is not with the audio stream and the device still fails to play any audio, the internal speakers may be faulty. Try replacing then using this guide.

Tablet is Frozen/Unresponsive

The device stops functioning and is unresponsive to touch or any other forms of input.

Temporary Malfunction

If you believe your device has encountered an error, try restarting the device before trying anything else.

Too many apps running simultaneously

You may be running too may resource sucking applications concurrently, try closing any apps that you are not immediately using. If this does not work, try restarting the device.

System files moved/deleted

If the device is consistently freezing during start up at the boot logo, some crucial start up files may have been accidentally deleted or moved to a different location. To fix this you have to perform a hard reset by following these instructions(NOTE: performing a hard reset will erase all data on the device):

Option #1: Find a sharp object such as a pencil and press into the reset pinhole found on the back corner of the device.

Option #2: Copy and Paste the link below into your web browser to learn how to do a hard reset

Trio Stealth is Overheating

It is hot to the touch, or it turns off unexpectedly.

Excessive Usage

If you tend to play video games a lot or browse the Internet too much, the device will overheat due to the increased need for power to keep up with the work.

Make sure not to use the device too much while it is charging, as it does need some time to relax and cool down.

Try shutting it off if it is not already off. Give the machine a break, as it needs time to cool down.

Full Storage

Sometimes, if there are too many applications opened at a time on the device, it will begin to overheat, as it needs more power to keep all the applications running.

In order to fix this, you could simply close out or shut down applications that are not in use.

Dirt and Dust Accumulates Inside

This is simply caused by having particles enter through small holes and openings such as the speaker.

This can be easily be fixed by detaching the back casing in order to remove any dirt or dust that has been collected on the inside.

Faulty/Dead Battery

Sometimes, the battery has been outdated, as companies do not design them to last too long.

In this case, you would need to replace the battery.

Faulty/Broken LCD Screen

The screen is broken if the screen does not function when it is touched or it is shattered within the glass casing or there are discolored spots on the screen.

Dead/Stuck Pixels

A discolored spot on the device screen usually indicates that there are dead pixels present. One thing you can do is apply physical pressure to the pixel in question. Take small blunt object such as a pencil eraser (anything as long as it doesn't risk damaging the screen), turn off the screen, and then press down on the part of screen where the troubled pixel was last seen. Do this for five to ten seconds, and then reactivate the screen.

If the pixel is still giving problems, download and run a free Android app called Dead Pixel Detect and Fix.

Damaged Screen

The touchscreen can become unresponsive if the device is physically damaged. Your device might also be using an excessive amount of memory, in which case you will need to clean it out. In the worst case, you may need to open up your tablet and realign the screen's digitizer.

how do yo clean out the screen digitzer

text back right know

Christopher Perryman - Responder

How do you replace the battery.... so i was charging my tablet and it just turned off and would not charge or turn on any morr i hold dwn the reset button thats not working so what do i need to do to get it working again?

Janessa - Responder

my trio tablet was working fine until today it just turn off while my mom was using it, when i plug it in, normally a red light would indicate that its charging, but no g red light, i tried the reset button and still nothing, HELP!!!!!!!! PLEASE

Nishie Boo - Responder

My keyboard is no longer available-how do I get it back to use?

Terrie PROVENZANO - Responder

My trio was working fine when I last turned it off. Next time we turned it on, there is a number pad like they are wanting a phone number put in before we can move on to the next page. I never crossed this page in the first place, I tried every phone or pin number possible. It won't even tell me what exactly they want here. I have tried looking online for support and they apparently don't have any humans working for them.

Linda Lamb - Responder

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