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Tires and Tubes Are Not Holding Air

"Uhh Ohh. Your tire isn't holding any air!"

Tire is Torn or Worn

Having a tear in a tire isn't as severe as puncturing a tube, but it is best to take care of it before the problem escalates. Waiting too long can increase the size of the tear and ultimately can result in harming the bicyclist. But before you buy a new tire, you must check the size, which is located on the outer wall of the tire close to the frame of the wheel. In order to change the tire, the entire wheel must be removed from the bike.

Removing A Wheel

Removing Tire From Wheel

Tube is Punctured

If your tire won't hold any air, then your tube is most likely punctured or popped. The tire comes in direct contact with the road, while the tube sits inside the tire and holds all the air. In this case a new tube is needed, and most likely a new tire as well. As stated before, the size of the tire is on the tire, and the same goes for the tube. So make sure to check these before buying new ones. The wheel is going to have to be removed in order to change the tube.

Removing A Wheel

Removing Tire And Tube From Wheel

Pedals Snapped

"Who would have thought pedals could snap!?"

Pedals are Broken

Pedaling without a pedal can be challenging and painful. The only solution is to buy new pedals, and install them.

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Rims and Spokes Are Broken

"Going too big on the jumps and shattered my wheel."

Spokes Snapped

Riding with even one less spoke is dangerous. But luckily, spokes are easy to remove and replace. Another option would be to buy a new wheel.

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Handle Bar is Broken

"My handle bar and wheel don't line up!"

Handle Bar Won't Move The Wheel

If your handle bar is faulty it can be extremely dangerous. At any moment it could just pull right off, so fixing it is essential to one's safety.

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Can't See or Be Seen at Night?

"Riding without lights is both frightening and dangerous."

Can't See in Front of The Bike

Riding at night without a front light is like riding with your eyes closed. Extremely dangerous. Installing a light is the only solution. Lights come in varying shapes, sizes and strengths. This guide is specifically made for the Blackburn Voyager 3.3.

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Can't Be Seen by Other Vehicles or Pedestrians

What good is seeing, if you can't be seen? A rear light is essential in being seen by motor vehicles and keeping you safe. This guide is specifically made for the Blackburn Mars 1.0.

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dismantling front sprocket gear box

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