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TomTom ONE Troubleshooting

The Tomtom ONE is a easy to use GPS device that is strictly made for automobiles. The TomTom ONE is the base model of the TomTom navigation systems and there are six different ONE models that include the 140, 140S, 10, 130S, 125, and the 125SE. This specific device is a second edition, 1GB unit

Device Won't Turn On

If everything you have tried did not work, look to these guides for help.

Dead/Drained Battery

In the case that the device will not turn on, first make sure that the device is plugged in. If the device is plugged in and still won't turn on, you may try to press the "Reset" button that is located on the bottom of the device above the SD card slot.

If both of these attempts fail, there may be a problem with the power supply, or an internal problem such as the battery. These can both be replaced and are easy to do. To see how to change the battery look at the Repair Guide for the TomTom ONE.

Bad Display

If the device does not seem to be turning on it could just be that you are not seeing anything appear on the screen. In this case the display is most likely faulty and needs to be replaced.

Internal Issues

The device may not be turning on due to internal problems with the motherboard as well. This will need replacing.

No Sound or Distorted Sound

The device appears to be functioning properly, but there is no sound or it is distorted.

Bad Speaker

The device most likely has a bad speaker. Try resetting the device first, and if that does not work then the speaker needs to be replaced.

Charging Your Device

The TomTom ONE must be charged in order to work.

The TomTom ONE has a two hour battery life. The device comes with a car charger that will charge the device while driving. As an accessory you may purchase a 120 V home charger if the car charger does not suit you.

Charging Trouble

If the device does not seem to be charging or able to hold a charge, then the battery most likely needs to be replaced.

Another reason why the device may not be charging could be that the charging unit, such as a car charger or the home charger, is not functioning properly. In this case a new charger must be purchased.

Resetting the Device

If the device does not seem to be functioning properly, then resetting the device is an option. To reset the device hold down the reset button(located above SD card slot,) using a small object such as a paper clip for 15 seconds. If this does not fix the issue your device may need to be updated. In order to update your device look at the Updating Device Firmware section.

Updating Device Firmware

A newer version in software allows for better maps, so it is important to update the software.

In order to update the software, you must first connect the device into the computer. The device should have come with a USB cord for this action. Once the device is plugged in, open TomTom Home and go to the software section. There will be an option to download the new software. Click download and you are done. Remember to safely remove the hardware from your computer when you are done.

Device Stuck On Start up Screen

The device turns on, but the start up screen will not go away.

If the device is stuck on the start up screen, it is most likely an issue of corrupt software, or the TomTom application is not formed on the device.

In order to fix this problem, first try to reset the device. If this does not work then the software will need to be reinstalled. Connect the device into the computer and go to the "Delete App" file. ONce you are there, click on the link that says "Manage my navigation device." Click "update my device." Once this is complete you make disconnect the device.

Preferences Menu

For other problems like the ones listed below, see the preferences menu on your device (the wrench).

Map in Black and White

The device seems to be working properly, but the maps are not in color.

If the map is in black and white, then it means that you have no satellite reception. You should look around you and make sure you are not surrounded by any tall buildings or trees. Once your are all clear, it may take up to five minutes for the satellite to be found.

If this does not solve the problem, the device may need to be reset.

If resetting the device still does not fix the issue of the black and white maps, the display may need to be replaced.

Blank Screen

The device does not show any picture, but the other functions are normal.

When the display appears blank, it is most likely that the battery is dead. In this case, first reset the device to be sure. Once you do this and it still does not turn on, plug in the battery charger and let in charge overnight.

Black Screen

If the screen is all black with no LCD response, yet you are still able to hear the sound, then it is more than likely that the display is bad and must be replaced.

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suso2 - Responder

My tom tom one will occasionally turn it self on, for no reason , after being turned off correctly ??

collymerv - Responder

My sat nav tomtom 500 won't turn on has been great till now so don't know why can someone please help

frannie1261 - Responder

my tom tom shows palm trees screensaver. Then it goes to next screen showing the word continue and freezes up. It is stuck on the last journey programmed into it. The voice is still giving instructions on the last journey while screen remains frozen on the continue page.

gerald Smith - Responder

when i go to press a certain key on the keyboard it wont let me, it will press another letter instead. Say I want to press the letter G, I have to press the letter T or R. and if it is close to the top I cannot press anything as it presses the things below it. Very frustrating. What should I do.

hodgins - Responder

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