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Um aluno de nosso programa de educação fez este wiki. Não foi feito pelo pessoal do iFixit.

Sphero Ollie Troubleshooting

Problems with your Sphero Ollie? This wiki will help you diagnose and repair your device.

Will Not Turn On

Ollie will not wake up or activate.

Improper Charging

If Ollie will not wake up, it could be because the device is not properly charging. Plug in the device to charge and check and see if the USB port is either red (uncharged/halfway charged) or green (fully charged).

Deep-Sleep Mode

If the device appears to be charging but will still not wake up, it could have put itself into ‘deep-sleep’ mode. The deep-sleep setting is designed to save battery power throughout the process of shipping and when on a shelf. To wake up Ollie from deep-sleep, plug the micro USB into the port on the back of Ollie, then remove the cord, before plugging it back in.

Will Not Connect to Smartphone

Ollie will not connect to your phone.

Not Compatible

Make sure the Smartphone is on the list of phones compatible with Ollie at: https://sphero.freshdesk.com/support/sol...

Bluetooth Not Enabled

Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on the phone while attempting to connect to Ollie. In addition, do not attempt to connect to connect to Ollie from the Smartphone, the connection must be made from the Ollie app.


Ollie requires specific positioning to connect. Ensure you are holding the phone close enough to Ollie while attempting to connect.

Will Not Turn Off

Ollie is not turning off, LED lights will not turn off, or the device keeps running.

How to Turn it Off

While connected to the Sphero app, follow these steps:

  1. Tap the cog icon to enter settings
  2. Tap the sleepy Sphero icon
  3. Slide the blue switch to the right

Sphero will go to sleep, just like a puppy, only better behaved

Will Not Stay Charged

Ollie loses energy quickly, dies, or turns off shortly after charging.

Not Fully Charged

If the device was not fully or properly charged, it may die quickly. When charging, the USB port will light up red, and when Ollie is fully charged, the USB port will light up green to indicate a full battery. Full charge can take up to three hours. The battery should last approximately one hour with constant play. If Ollie has been fully charged but still loses energy too quickly, please attempt the following steps.

Faulty Charger

If Ollie has full charge but still dies quickly, the problem could be with the USB charging cord. Try charging another device with the same cord to verify the charger is functioning properly. If the cord does not correctly charge another device, it is likely faulty and requires replacement. If the cord does charge another device, then it may be necessary to try another power source. Wall outlets tend to charge better than USB ports because USB generally uses a lower voltage. Try charging Ollie using a wall adapter.

Faulty Battery

If Ollie is not holding charge even when it has been properly charged and the above suggestions have been attempted, then the battery may need to be replaced.

Faulty Motherboard

If Ollie is still not holding charge after trying the previous steps, it is likely that the motherboard needs to be replaced.

LED Lights Not Lighting Up

There are no colorful lights activated on Ollie.

Not Awake or Not Turned On

LED lights indicate that Ollie is on or off, and if the lights are not lit up then Ollie may be charging or off. See Ollie troubleshooting option above, It Won’t Turn On.

Not Charging

Ollie should show a constant red near the charging port when charging. If charger is plugged in and Ollie is not lit up, the charger may be faulty. See Ollie troubleshooting option, It Won’t Stay Charged, above.

Faulty LED

If the LED lights are still not activated after attempting the above methods, the LED lights may need to be replaced.

My Ollie keeps saying it needs a firmware update, but it will not download it just stays at 0 percent any help ?

Finn - Responder

My ollie won't budge and I think it is in deep sleep but not coming out of it

Divit Kejriwal - Responder

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