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Cassette door will not open

"No matter what you do, the door will not open."

Remove anything from on top of the door

Before taking apart the radio, an easy fix may be that there is something on top of the cassette door. A lot of times the user may not realize that the slightest bit of weight will hold the door down and stop it from opening.

Something stuck in the door

Sometimes, debris may get stuck in the latch of the door that holds it down. This will cause the cassette door to stay closed. To fix this problem, sometimes the debris may be easy to take out of the latch. In the worst case scenario, the cassette door may need to be pried open.

Cassette gets rejected

"Every cassette that is put into the cassette player, it keeps getting rejected."

Cassette player may be dirty

Most of the time when the cassette gets rejected, it may be due to the cassette player is dirty. An easy fix is to use a cassette cleaner/demagnetizer. This cleans and removes the magnetic fields from the use of cassette tapes.

The motor may be broken

If the cassette cleaner/demagnetizer did not fix the problem, the motor that turns the tape may be broken and need to be replaced.

Cassette will not play

"My radio won’t play my cassette tape.”

Tape button is activated

If a cassette will not play, check to see if the radio button is on the “tape” function and not on CD or radio function.

Check for any debris

If the cassette still doesn’t play when the button is set to play tapes, check the cassette deck to see if there is any debris inside. Pieces of debris may be preventing the cassette from being read and played.

CD will not play

"My CD will not play."

Check to see if the CD switch is activated

If the CD will not play, check to see if the button on the radio is on the “CD” function and not the cassette or radio. For this model, it is necessary to push the button for the correct setting to listen to a CD.

Check for debris

If it still does not work, check the CD deck for debris such as dust and dirt that may not allow CD to run properly. If nothing continues to play, purchase a CD cleaning disk to eliminate unseen dirt.

Check the format of the CD

If the CD will still not play, try another CD to see if it is just that specific CD. If the CD still does not work, check the formatting of the CD. If it is in MP3 format then the CD will not play.

Radio will not play

"There is no sound coming out of my radio."

Radio is plugged in

First, make sure that the radio is plugged into a viable power source and turned on. If the radio is not plugged in, make sure that it has the correct type of batteries and the correct amount of batteries in the battery compartment. Also, make sure that these batteries are working; if they are not replace them with new batteries.

Weak signal strength

If the radio still does not play you may not be receiving a strong enough signal. Make sure that you are in an area with good reception and put the antenna up all the way.

Speakers are broken

It there is still no sound coming out of the radio then the speakers may be broken or not connected properly. This may require taking the radio apart to replace the speakers or sending the radio in to be repaired.

CD compartment will not close

"My CD compartment door will not close."

Make sure there is nothing in the way of the door

To troubleshoot this problem, first make sure that there are no foreign objects in the way of the CD door.

Clean out the compartment

Clean out the CD compartment of all dust, dirt, and anything else that might get in the way of the door to prevent it from closing. Clean off the hinges of the door as well and make sure that there is nothing obstructing the hinges from moving down.

Align the door properly

If the door still does not close, make sure that it is aligned properly on the radio. If the door is not aligned properly or centered on the radio as it should be, this will keep it from closing correctly. Make sure that the hinges are in the correct place and on the correct part of the radio which is the back left and back right areas of the CD compartment.

Cuando lo prendo sale la luz roja y se apaga, tanto eléctrico, cómo con batería

Jose Salas - Responder

When I press "Radio", it won't connect - just stays on CD or Tape. :(

catlou945 - Responder

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