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Camera won't turn on

No matter what you do, you can't get your camera to turn on.

Power Button

Before taking apart the camera, make sure the power button has been pushed firmly. If button feels to be pushed freely, then proceed to check the battery.

Drained/bad battery

If your camera won't turn on, the battery could be dead, missing, or inserted incorrectly. New batteries can be purchased through the sony website. See the Battery Maintenance Guide for more information.

Cannot insert the battery pack

Make certain that you have the correct size battery pack. Insert the battery pack by pushing the battery eject lever from lock to open. See the Battery Maintenance Guide for more information.

Camera powers off suddenly

The standard power save setting on the camera is set to turn off after a set period of time to conserve battery power on the camera in which case you can simply turn camera back on. If this isn't the case, then there may be a problem.

Camera/battery temperature

If the camera or battery begins to overheat the camera will automatically shut itself down to protect the camera. In this case, a message will appear on the LCD screen before shutdown.

Remaining "CHARGE" indicator is wrong

The remaining time on the charge indicator does not coincide with the correct amount of charge left on the battery.

Hot/cold environments

This commonly occurs when the camera is used in an extremely hot or cold environment. To repair, fully discharge the battery pack and then recharge to the correct indication.

Bad/dead battery

If discharging/recharging the batter pack doesn't work, then the battery is either dead or no longer usable. Replace the battery pack with a new one. See the Battery Maintenance Guide for more information.

The "CHARGE" lamp flashes while charging the battery

The CHARGE light flashes during charging of the battery using the A/C adaptor.

Correct battery insertion

Remove and reinsert the battery pack, making sure it is inserted correctly. See the Battery Maintenance Guide for more information.

Inappropriate temperature for charging

The temperature may be at inappropriate levels during charging. Try to charge the battery again with the proper charging temperature range (50-86 degrees F).

Cannot charge the battery pack

If you cannot charge the battery with the A/C adaptor, then take the battery pack out of camera and charge it separately using the battery charger.

Bad battery

If charging the battery pack separately doesn't work, then the battery is dead and you must purchase a new one. See the Battery Maintenance Guide for more information on changing a battery pack.

Date and time are not displayed on the LCD screen

The date and time are not displayed while shooting. They will only be displayed on the playback.

Fuzzy/white circles appear in the image shot when using flash

This is not a malfunction. Particles in the air or on the camera lens reflected the flash light and appeared in the image.

My shutters stick..I have two cameras (Sony Cybershot 330) what acan I do ..and can I use WD40 to possible "grease"them!

gloryofthegarden - Responder

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