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Sony CCD-TR81 Troubleshooting

Video Camera Doesn't turn on

No matter what I do I can't get an image in the viewfinder

Install battery properly

Ensure that the battery pack is installed properly onto the back of the video camera. The battery pack must align with the white line on the back of the camera near the viewfinder. Refer to the guide on installing the battery properly.

Charge battery

If the battery is installed properly and still does not start the video camera, remove the battery and place it on the battery charger for 60 minutes.

Purchase a new battery unit

Replacement batteries can be found at the Sony website.

Video camera won't record when I press the START/STOP button

No matter what you do, your video camera won't start recording.

Power is turned off

Check to see that the power button is switched to CAMERA on the top of the video camera

Standby switch is in wrong location

Be sure the STANDBY knob is slid upward so that the camera is switched from LOCK to STANDBY. The video camera should read "STBY" in the viewfinder.

START/STOP button is stuck

If the START/STOP button is stuck, remove the outer case to access the button.

The cassette slot won't open

"I can't get the video cassette out of my video camera"

Power is off to the video camera

The cassette compartment only works when the camera is powered. Check to ensure that the camera has power by looking for numbers in the display window.

There is no audio in my recording

"I can't hear any sound when I play back my tapes"

Microphone is covered

Check to make sure there are no obstructions in the way of the microphone located at the front of the camera near the lens.

Microphone needs replacement

Disassemble the microphone casing and replace the broken parts.

Viewfinder is too blurry to see through

"I can't see through the viewfinder clearly"

Water is gathering on the lens

Use the maintenance guide to clean off the water from the viewfinder.

Dust/Sand is inside the lens

Use the maintenance guide to remove the dust from the viewfinder.

Very usefull ilustrations. I am looking for a repair diagram for the ccd tr81. More specific is to know the boards functions.

pegasus1108 - Responder

Very usefull ilustrations. I am looking for a repair diagram for the ccd tr81. More specific is to know the boards functions

pegasus1108 - Responder

Does anyone knows how to adjust the tracking when viewing play back? My camera image isvery unstable.

pegasus1108 - Responder

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