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Sharp PC-MM20 Troubleshooting

Can't Connect to Internet

You're getting multiple errors that will not allow you to connect to a WiFi network.

Verify it's the Correct Server

Make sure that you're trying to connect to the correct server. Some servers may have firewalls or passwords that will not allow you to connect.

Router Error

The router itself may have glitched and is in need of a reset. Try turning your router off, waiting 30 seconds, and then turning the router back on. Give your router a few seconds to boot up correctly, and go back to your device and see if the problem has been fixed.

IP Error

The problem may be with you computers IP address. Sometimes a computer can have an error in the programming or a setting on your computer wont allow you to connect to a wireless network. I would suggest reconfiguring your IP address using your computers command prompt.

Outdated Drivers

You may need to update your wireless adapter driver(s). The best plan of action would be to search "Sharp PC - MM20 drivers" on any search engine. Chances are you will find free drivers that you can download. After installing your drivers, restart your computer and see if the problem persists.

Bad Wireless Adapter

If you are still unable to connect to wireless networks, you may have a faulty wireless adapter. This would require the installation of a new adapter in order to fix the problem.

Keyboard is not working

No matter what I do, I can not get the keyboard to respond.


Try restarting your computer. It could be something as simple as an error in your operating system or a glitch in your drivers.

Update Your Drivers

Your keyboard driver could be out of date which would definitely effect the keyboards ability to function. As stated above, search "Sharp PC - MM20 drivers" on any search engine and try to find the drivers you need. Another place you could find drivers is directly on sharpusa.com.

Wiring May Be Loose

It could be possible that the wiring of your keyboard may have came loose from moving your laptop too much. In order to fix this, you will need to take apart your laptop and make sure that all of the wiring is connected correctly.

Bad Keyboard

It may just be that your keyboard has died, and you need to replace it.

CD/DVD drive won't read disks

It just wont read!

Cleaning the CD

It may seem like an easy step, but making sure the actual disk is clean and free of scratches is a great first step.

Check That It's Spinning

Make sure that when closing your disk tray, you can hear the sound of the CD spinning in the drive itself. If the sound is not heard, it may not be spinning, which would explain the lack of reading being done.

Cleaning the Reading Laser

Within your device, there's a laser which reads the disks. The lens over the laser may be fogged or dirty, which would effect its reading ability. In order to clean this laser, you may need to take apart the computer and use something like a cotton swab to clean the lens.

Replacing the Disk Drive

The Disk Drive itself may be bad. You may need to replace the entire part which would require dismantling your laptop and switching out the old disk drive with a new one.

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