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Samsung L100 Troubleshooting

Cracked LCD Display

LCD Display is cracked, shattered, or damaged

Replace LCD Screen

If the screen appears cracked or damaged in any way, the only way to repair the camera is to replace the display. It can be done by following the LCD Screen Repair guide.

Camera Won't Turn On

Camera does not respond when the power button is pressed

Check Batteries

Recharge the external battery set in case it is dead.

Faulty Wiring

There might be a problem with the connection between the external battery and the logic board. This is due to bad circuitry caused by water damage or particle obstruction. Follow the Logic Board Replacement Guide in order to fix this problem.

No Flash from Camera

The camera may be set on auto-flash or forced flashed, but when a picture is taken, no flash occurs.

A number of problems could cause the camera not to flash:

- bulb burnt out

- physical damage to flash (ex. dropping camera)

- water damage

Replace Flash Bulb

Remove the flash bulb, order the proper parts, and follow the Replace Flash Bulb repair guide.

Lens Stuck in Open Position

You are using your camera (taking pictures or videos) and turn the camera off, but the lens remains stuck.

Note: After testing the two troubleshooting solutions, turn the camera on and press the Playback button on the back of the camera to retract the lens.

Check the Battery Meter

Battery may have died and needs to be replaced or recharged. The best solution would be to check the Battery Indicator on the camera. If the Indicator shows the battery is low, replace or recharge the battery.

Dirt or Other Particles Jamming Lens

After much wear and tear, the camera lens’ can attract particles that can block the retraction of the lens. The best solution would be to use an antistatic electronic cleaning spray to get rid of any particles jamming the lens. In this way, it minimizes the chance for fingerprints on the lens or more particles jamming the lens.

No Sound

Camera does not produce any sound upon use

Camera Accidentally Muted

The issue may be with the camera settings. The camera might have been accidentally muted. This issue can easily be fixed by going to the display settings and deselecting the mute option.

Damaged Speakers

If the camera has not been muted then the only possible problem is that the speakers are damaged. This can be fixed by following the Speaker Repair Guide.

I bought new battery but still not holding charge

lindadavieswxm - Responder

I have bought a new battery and its still not holding charge ?

lindadavieswxm - Responder

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