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The phone does not respond when the power button and/or the volume button are pressed.

If the physical button does not click when pressed, then the button flex is broken and needs to be replaced.

If the power or volume button click when pressed but are unresponsive, the issue is most likely software related. If you are unable to turn the phone on, try plugging it into the wall. If the phone does not turn on, you probably have an issue with your charger, charging port, or battery, not your buttons. If the phone turns on when plugged in, you have a software problem. One common issue is that driving mode is toggled on. To check, click the ‘Message+’ app and select ‘menu.’ Here you can see whether or not driving mode is toggled on.

If driving mode is off but you still believe you have a software problem, you may have an app downloaded on your phone that is the cause. To test this, put your phone in ‘safe mode’ by turning your phone off, then pressing and holding the power button until the ‘Samsung’ screen appears. Next, press and hold the volume button until the phone restarts. If the buttons begin working while in safe mode, an app is the cause. Restart your phone to exit safe mode.

There are many other software-related reasons why your buttons may not be working. If driving mode is off and you are sure that an app is not causing your issues, check to see if your phone’s software is updated by going to ‘settings,’ then ‘about device,’ then ‘software update.’ If the software has already been updated, there may be some form of data on your phone that is causing the issues. A factory reset can test this but be sure to back up any valuable data on your phone before trying this.

The phone's battery life is low, and you have to charge your phone more than twice a day.

If your android system is using too much power, switch your phone to safe mode with this guide.

Access the devices Usage Manager Battery screen to determine what apps and features are consuming battery power. Uninstall or close apps that are not essential to save power.

If the battery is swollen, replace the battery using this guide.

The phone will not respond or show any sign of powering up.

Clean the charging port of the phone first making sure that it is free from any dirt or debris. You can use a can of compressed air to clean the port.

Ensure the charger is plugged in correctly. Make sure both ends of the charging cord are entirely plugged into the phone and adapter.

If the charger is plugged in correctly, but the phone is still not charging; try using a different charging cord. You can check if the phone can be charged via charging with a computer USB port. If you can, the adapter is faulty. Consider purchasing a replacement adapter.

If the phone only powers up when the adapter is plugged in, regardless of charging time, then the battery is faulty. Replace the battery using this guide.

You are getting overheating error message on your Samsung even when the temperature of my phone is not hot.

Try removing microSD card with this guide.

If the problem persists after the microSD card is removed. It’s very likely that this is a hardware related problem already possibly caused by a faulty sensor in which case you will need to have this checked at a service center.

The phone’s camera app will not open up or function.

You may have some corrupted files or cache that is corrupted that needs to be cleared in order for camera app to function properly. To clear these files and cache please follow this guide.

If the previous solution above failed, than you can proceed to reset the phone to solve the issue. This is recommended as a last solution because to do this you will have to backup all of your phone information before you proceed to reset the phone. To reset the phone just follow this guide.

Headphones and speakers do not produce sound when plugged into Samsung Galaxy S4 .

Try the headphones in another device that you know has a working headphone jack.

If you are using an auxiliary cord try it on another device with a working auxiliary port.

If either of these tests fail, you have a broken headphone jack, follow this guide, to replace it.

Your Samsung Galaxy S4 does not record sound.

Dry your Samsung Galaxy S4 with a dry towel to eliminate any visible traces of water or moisture.Remove battery, Clean all the openings in order to eliminate all possible traces of water and moisture completely. Put your phone into Rice bag or Silica gel packets for at least 48 hours in order to absorb any moisture.

Open up your phone to access the microphone, to open the phone follow this guide.Make sure the rubber cap on the microphone is in place, if it’s not put it back. If it is cut or damaged replace it referencing this guide.

If the MIC continues not to work, replace it following this guide.

Good morning, my s7 edge has displayed green background light since and it's not working anymore, what am I gonna do please?

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