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Rattling noise

The hairdryer is making a rattling noise.

Loose impeller

The rattling noise is due to a loose impeller, the plastic part with blades within the device. The noise indicates that the blades are either loose or broken and the blades are hitting the vents. Disassemble the hairdryer and if the part is loose, tighten the blades. If it is broken, replace the impeller.

Device does not turn on

The hair dryer not turning on/fan not working.

Shortage caused by moisture

Disassemble and inspect fan blades. If blades are broken, replace them. Test the motor, fan, and switches using a multimeter. If the numbers on the multimeter are consistently changing, then there is a closed path (working). If it stays a constant number, replace the fan, switch, or motor with the same part.

Heat not working

Hair dryer only blows cold air.

Service heating element

Disassemble and find two wires leading to several wounded wires (heating element). Examine the wires and see if there are any breaks in wiring or if debris is clogging the part. Test for continuity. If the circuit is not closed, check the thermal cutout (see below). If the thermal cutout does not have problems, replace the heating element.

Service thermal cutout

Disassemble and check the thermal cutout for any change in color, distortion, and debris. Clean contact breakers (switches) with compressed air.

How is this unit disassembled? I removed the two screws in the handle but can't pry the case apart. It's like it's glued....

Mux - Responder

Here's how I disassembled the dryer. As noted remove the 2 Phillips head screws in the handle. Then you stick a thin blade screwdriver between the two halves and pry. It does come apart fairly easy and pulls away from the power cord strain relief. As you do this the 125V/250V switch, the ion select knob, and the low/off/high knob will fall out. Much more difficult was to get the main dryer body apart: Take off the air intake vent cover by twisting counter-clockwise. Remove two small Phillips head screws now visible. On the front air outlet -- as you look in at the top and the bottom are silver colored shiny metal clips with tangs going down on each side. Pull them out with a hook, a screwdriver, long nose pliers, etc. At this point the two halves of the plastic body are held together by three plastic latches -- two on one side and one on the other. Again stick a thin blade screwdriver between the two halves and pry. The body will fall apart.

John Carroll 7/24/15 978-692-7188

John Carroll - Responder

I bot my Revlon hair dryer used it less than 5 times , I increased the speed while using it and it suddenly stopped working , Wat can I do to it ?

darshana ampoly - Responder

Hey i just bought a new revlon hair dryer and it wont turn on. I tried everything and its brand new

reevil394 - Responder

How to you change the watts?? Is it the switch??

Hillary Russell - Responder

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