Nokia 2366i Troubleshooting

Nokia 2366i won't turn on ¶ 

No matter what you do, you can't get your phone to turn on.

Drained/bad battery ¶ 

If your phone will not turn on, you may simply have a drained or bad battery. Plug your phone into an AC adapter and see if anything happens. If the phone will no longer charge you must replace the battery.

Nokia 2366i Battery Replacement

Bad display ¶ 

If the phone is functional, such as the phone making noises but the display is not visible,it is possible the display is bad and needs to be replaced.

Disassembling Nokia 2366i Main Display

Bad motherboard ¶ 

If your phone does nothing when plugged into an AC adapter the problem may lie in the motherboard.

Disassembling Nokia 2366i Motherboard

Water Damage ¶ 

If the phone is not functioning as expected, your phone might have water damage such as corrosion. One or more parts may need to be replaced.

No sound from Nokia 2366i ¶ 

You can not hear anything from the phone.

Volume Lowered ¶ 

If you can not hear the phone keys or the other person, then the phone master volume may be lowered or off. Try accessing audio settings and increasing the phone master volume.

Bad speaker ¶ 

If you can not hear any sound coming from the phone, even though it is on, then you may need to replace the speaker.

No Dial Tone ¶ 

You can't hear a dial tone when making a call.

No service available ¶ 

You must wait until service becomes available to make calls or move to a different location. If far from your residence make sure to dial area code before dialing number and if outside the country then dial the country code.

Bad antenna ¶ 

If you have difficulty finding service, it may be possible that the antenna is broken or damaged and must be replaced.

Keypad doesn't work ¶ 

Your phone does not respond correctly when you press any buttons on the keypad.

Bad keypad ¶ 

The keypad may need replacement

Disassembling Nokia 2366i Keypad

Display is distorted ¶ 

You can't see your phone's display because it is blank or unreadable.

Phone was dropped or crushed ¶ 

LCD display can be damaged if it is dropped onto a hard surface or crushed under the pressure of a lot of weight, i.e. you sat on it.

Disassembling Nokia 2366i Front Display

Person can't hear you during a call ¶ 

Bad microphone ¶ 

The microphone might be broken or damaged and may need to be replaced.

Phone doesn't vibrate ¶ 

Even though you have your phone set to vibrate, it doesn't.

Bad vibrator ¶ 

The vibrator might be damaged or broken and may need to be replaced.

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