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Troubleshooting guide for Motorola Q Global.

Phone won't turn on

Phone does not power on.

Hold power button

Press and hold the power button ("end call" key) to turn power on.

Bad/dead battery

Your battery may be drained and will need to be recharged. Plug it in to a computer or wall charger and allow it to charge a few minutes before powering on. If the phone still does not turn on, the battery is most likely bad and will need to be replaced. Battery model info can be found on the battery itself. See Motorola Q Global Battery Replacement.

Phone will not charge

Phone is plugged in, but will not charge or hold charge.

Battery is bad

The battery may have worn out and will no longer take a charge. It will need to be replaced. See Motorola Q Global Battery Replacement for information on removing and replacing the battery.

Charger is broken

The issue may be with your charger or the cords you are using to charge the Q Global. Try using different chargers, cords, or outlets to see if there is an error with the charger.

Power supply port is broken

It is possible that the charging port is broken or the contacts are dirty or damaged. Try cleaning out the port with a Q-tip dabbed in rubbing alcohol.

Motorola is frozen or unresponsive

Q Global is not responding to key strokes or other functions. Screen may be on or off, but will not change.

Water Damage

Place the phone in a bag of rice for a few hours. The dry rice will absorb the moisture out of the phone and dry out the components.

Restart phone

Power the phone off and back on to restart the operating system. If the power button is unresponsive, remove the battery pack to power off, then reinsert the pack and power the phone back on. See Motorola Q Global Battery Replacement.

Very low battery

If the battery is allowed to run too low, the phone may become unresponsive. Plug it into the computer or wall charger and allow it to charge for a few minutes before trying again.

Cannot make calls, send SMS messages, or access internet

Phone is powered on, but calls and messages do not go through. Internet fails to load.

SIM card not detected

It is possible that the SIM card is not inserted properly. The SIM card holds information that identifies your device for the network. Check to see that the SIM card is in place and that the contacts are touching. For information on this, see Motorola Q Global SIM Card Replacement.

No network coverage

If the SIM card is inserted, but calls and messages still do not go through, it is likely that you are out of service range from the cell towers. You can contact your service provider for coverage maps.

Screen is cracked or broken

Screen is cracked or has permanent black or colorless spots.

Broken display

The LCD display may be damaged. For instructions on disassembly and replacement, see Motorola Q Global Display screen Replacement.

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