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Phone won't turn on

Your phone just will not turn on.

Battery not charged

If the phone will not turn on and is unresponsive, before tearing it open, make sure the phone's charger is plugged into an electrical outlet and charge the phone. The battery may have died.

Drained/bad battery

If your phone turns on when plugged into the charging device, but will not stay on without being plugged in, there is something wrong with the battery. Look how to replace the battery here.

Water damage

Dropped Your Phone Into Water?

What to do

If your phone has come into contact with water immediately turn off the device. First, Rotate and shake the device to try to let any fluid drain out. Next, remove the battery from the phone. You can attempt drying it by burying it in a container of uncooked rice for several days or if available use iFixit's Thirsty Bag.

Distorted or no sound from external speaker

Your phone's sounds don't sound normal.

Faulty speaker

If the external speaker isn't making any sound there may be a loose connection in the phone. Grab the phone by the top and bottom and gently twist it as you are trying to play sound through the external speaker. It this does not solve the problem the speaker may need to be replaced. Consult our guides for either the top speaker or bottom speaker for instruction.

Network issues

Phone has problems connecting to network.

Not connect to wireless network

If no calls are going through and their is no reception signal displayed, the phone may be in Airplane mode. Press and hold the Power button and turn off Airplane mode. If the phone is not in Airplane mode the antenna may be the problem. Consult our guide for finding and replacing the antenna here.

No 3G network

If there is no 3G try turning your phone off and back on, to make your phone search for the best local network.

Camera issues

The phone's camera won't take pictures.

Self portrait mode

  • The camera may be in Self Portrait mode. This mode automatically captures a photo based on face-detection. If you point the camera at an area without faces, the camera may not take a photo. This can be corrected by changing the camera's Picture mode to Single Shot. (From camera view finder screen: press Menu > Picture Modes > Single Shot)
  • When opened, the camera will revert to the last picture mode taken when it was last started. If you start your camera and get beeps when trying to take a photo, it is probably in Self Portrait mode. Switch the camera's Picture mode to Single Shot. (From camera view finder screen: press Menu > Picture Modes > Single Shot)

Faulty shutter

If all else fails and the viewfinder is black, check the camera lens & shutter. The shutter (located on the back of the phone) should be open so you can see the camera lens. It should automatically open and close when taking a photo. If the shutter will not open automatically there may be a mechanical malfunction and may need repairing.

Broken fingerprint scanner

Fingerprint Scanner Does Not Read Fingerprint.

Restart phone

Before attempting any of the following fixes, restart your phone and clear the scanner of all dirt.

Software error

If the problem persists, errors with the scanner are commonly caused by software errors. Motorola has released an update that can be downloaded from here.

Clear data

If your finger swipe still does not work or you're getting an error, "did not verify", try pressing Menu > Manage Apps > select the ALL tab, then scroll down to Finger Print Sensor > Clear Data.

Touchscreen working improperly

Touch screen presses buttons when untouched

Remove screen cover

If your phone has a case or screen cover try removing it. It could be pressing on the screen causing the unwanted stimulus. This problem could also be caused by excess moisture coming in contact with the screen. If this is the case leave the phone out to dry for an hour before attempting to use it again. If problems persist you may want to consider replacing the screen. Instructions for doing that can be found here.

Restart the phone

Parts of the touch screen do not respond'

Try restarting the phone. If the problem persists it is most likely a hardware issue. Unfortunately there is no way to recalibrate the phone's touch screen. To find out what area of the screen is affected download this app. If you find that the affected area is too large to continue using the device, consider replacing it. Instructions for doing that can be found here.

Atrix phone won't charge tried four different charger and still nothing the little green light comes on for a few mins saying it is charging then goes off phone will not turn on even when plugged in to the charger is there a replacement part for the replacement Charger Port Micro USB Connector Flex Cable Ribbon for the phone

Tammy - Responder

The external speaker on my Atrix was not working so I tried the fix you mentioned above and it worked. Thanks for your help!

Irv Murray - Responder

Help please!!

I have downloaded a soccer game...playing it for a month one fine morning when I opened the game the phone switched off...after power on it again the red Motorola logo is coming then the dancing Android robot..then again my phone went off and doing this again and again...until I take out the battery...

The next time when I try to switch on my phone it does not.

One more...after this when my phone is off with the battery in it the back portion off the phone is heating...so i have to keep it without its battery inserted in it.

After giving it to various servicing centres..they can't repair it....please help me please because for nearly 1yr my phone is in this state...PLEASE HELP ME..

kskdgp - Responder

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