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LG 800G Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting guide for the LG 800G TracFone

Unresponsive touch screen

When your touch screen no longer responds to touch

Fingers are damp/wet

When using a touch screen device, make sure your fingers are not damp or wet in order to enable proper function of the device. To prevent this, clean your hands using a dry piece of cloth.

Touch screen device gets wet

If your device falls in water or any other liquid substance, you should immediately remove the power source (battery) from the device and then let it dry out before putting it back in the device. A good way to help this process is to put the phone, with the back removed, in a sealed container of dry, uncooked rice for a minimum of 48 hours.

Cracked/broken screen

Any damage done to the screen of a touch screen device will reduce the efficiency of the device. To prevent this, you should use a screen protector and also a good phone case that will help protect your phone screen from drops. As dirt can also cause scratches to your phone screen, it is advised that you clean your phone screen regularly. To fix a cracked or broken screen, your device should be taken to a screen repair service.

The phone will not turn on

The phone does nothing when attempting to turn it on

Power button not being held down for long enough

A common problem among unfamiliar users is only pressing the power button; the button must be held for several seconds in order to activate. Press and hold down the button for five complete seconds in order to turn the device on.

Phone battery not connected properly

The phone will be unable to power up without a battery; remove the back cover of the phone and check for the battery. If there is no battery, a replacement must be found and gently connected.

Phone battery not charged

Plug the phone into its charger and wait for a light indicating it is charging; if it does not, refer to the section below. If it does, wait a few minutes for the phone to charge enough to turn on.

The phone will not charge

When plugged into the charger the phone does not charge

Power source/outlet not working

It may be possible that the outlet or source of power you have the charger hooked up to isn’t working or may not be on. Try using another power source such as another outlet, or try making sure the outlet doesn’t need to be turned on from a switch.

Charger not working

The charger you are using may not be in working order. Try using another charger.

Power source/outlet is dirty

The charging port of the phone may have some debris in it that won’t allow the charger to fully connect. Check the port for anything that may be blocking access.

The phone speaker is not working

When talking to someone during a call you cannot hear them

In-call volume is muted

It is common with touch screen phones to accidentally hit the mute button when on the phone with someone. Check to make sure that the mute button has not been pressed and if it has, press it again to disengage the mute.

In-call volume not loud enough

It is common to accidentally press the volume buttons while in a call and it could have turned the volume down low enough that you cannot hear the other person. Try turning the volume up while in the call.

When receiving texts/calls/emails etc. the phone is not ringing

Ringtone volume is muted

Ensure that your ringer volume is adjusted to the appropriate volume of your choosing. It is possible you may have turned the phone to silent by hitting the volume buttons accidentally.

If these problems occurred after downloading an app recently

Try uninstalling recently downloaded apps

It is possible that the software being used by this new app is not fully updated and may not be compatible with the software of the phone. this could be causing the problem of no sound in the app. Try uninstalling the app and waiting for it to be updated before trying to install it to your device again.

Limited Battery Life

Phone battery dies quicker than it should

Battery not clean

Open the phone case and remove the battery. Clean off the metal contacts in the phone and on the battery with a q-tip. Do not use water or soap, just remove as much debris as possible.

Searching for signal is on

If you are in an area with poor cell reception, the phone will constantly search for signal and consume large amounts of battery. Turn off the connection to your network in order to prolong battery life.

Too many apps running in the background

Ensure all apps are turned off, some apps will continue to consume battery when they are running in the background while the phone is not in use.

Replace the battery

Lithium-ion batteries break down over time. It is possible your battery simply needs to be replaced.

phone comes on but won't go anywhere else. like it gets stuck when you try to go. to another web page could you help me.and it also won't move side to side

peggy long - Responder

an when you push a button it sticks

peggy long - Responder

Will not go to like Facebook you have to hit it hard for it to move

peggy long - Responder

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