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KDDI Kyocera A5521K Troubleshooting

The Kyocera Cell Phone, model KDDI A5521K, integrates phone and camera use.

This troubleshooting guide should help fix rudimentary issues with the phone. The repair guides provide more in depth information to fix more serious problems.

KDDI Kyocera A5521K Won’t Turn On

Dead Battery

It is possible that the phone will not turn on because the battery may have gone bad. Go to your local service provider and ask for a new battery to test the phone with. If it functions properly, the original battery should be replaced.

Damaged Logic Board

It is also possible that the logic board is damaged. See repair guide to replace the logic board.

Broken Screen

If the phone appears to be generating power then there could be a problem with the screen display. The screen or logic board may be damaged in this case. See their repair guide for further information.

KDDI Kyocera A5521K Looses Charge

Battery Drain

There might be a defect in your battery that drains the power from your phone. Fully charge the phone (battery indicates a complete charge), and if the battery quickly drains it has a short life span. Replace battery to correct the problem.

Charge Efficiently

You may be charging the battery too much. Charge the battery only when necessary. Do not recharge the phone until the battery is mostly depleted to extend battery life. This will probably not work on an older battery.

Defective Charger

The phone may not charge due to a defective charger. Acquire a replacement charger to test whether the charger is broken. If the phone charges with the replacement, this is the case; if not, the issue is with the battery. (See battery replacement repair guide)

Screen Doesn’t Work Properly

Screen Doesn’t Turn On

When the screen does not turn on, try resetting the phone by turning it off, removing the battery, then inserting the battery and turning the phone back on. If this does not fix the problem then visit the screen replacement repair guide.


If the screen displays faint images, there is a problem with the internal phone light, or your back light settings are turned low/off. First check in settings that the back light is set all the way up. If that doesn't fix it, then the problem can be due to a low battery; check the troubleshooting guide for “Battery Drain” or “Charge Efficiently”. If the battery is not the issue, then look to the repair guides for replacing your screen.

Keypad is Not Working

If the keypad is not responsive, there is an issue with the logic board. See the logic board repair guide to replace.

Camera Won't Work

Cracked Lens

If the camera lens is visibly cracked, it will need to be replaced. See repair guide for further instructions.

Logic Board

If the camera is non responsive, the logic board may be broken. See repair guide to replace.

Voice Box

Broken Voice Box

If the voice box distorts your voice or is simply non responsive, see voice box repair guide.

Logic Board

There may be an issue with the logic board. See the logic board repair guide.

Battery level is stuck

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