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PC is Overheating

As you are working, your computer becomes hotter and may automatically turn off.

Inadequate Ventilation

Be sure the computer is not resting directly against any object that may hold in heat. This could include blankets, carpet, pillows, and even possibly a tabletop. The fan needs air to circulate; when it is directly against a heat-absorbent surface, the computer may overheat, and the fan will get louder as it attempts to keep up with air flow.

Dust in Vents or Fans

The computer can overheat as dust settles in the vent or fan. To fix this, use a compressed air duster and carefully blow the slotted vents on the bottom of your device.

Faulty Fan

Your fan may need to be either cleaned or replaced. Please refer to the Fan Replacement guide to access the fan. Once you have accessed your fan, first attempt to clean it using the compressed air duster. If this does not work, you may need to replace your fan.

Computer Won’t Boot

After pressing the power button, the computer does not turn on.

Faulty Outlet

The outlet may not be conducting electricity. Plug your power cord into a different outlet.

Faulty Power Adapter

We recommend getting a test cord. Borrow a cord that is compatible with your computer and plug it in. If the light on the test adapter turns on, then your adapter is damaged, and you will need to replace it. If the light on the test adapter does not turn on, then the problem may be with the computer itself.

Faulty Battery

The computer does not stay on unless plugged in.

Battery Doesn’t Hold a Charge

It may be that your battery has died. After several years, batteries wear down and tend to eventually stop holding a charge. This could cause your computer to die if it is not constantly plugged in. In this case, you will need to replace the battery using this guide.

PC Keeps Shutting Down

While you are working, the computer powers off without notification.

Bad Memory

You may need to increase your computer’s RAM. This can be done by upgrading the RAM inside the computer to a higher-capacity module. The HP Pavilion dv6-1245dx comes with 4.0 GB of RAM installed, but can support a maximum of 8.0 GB between the two available RAM slots. Follow this guide to replace your memory cards.


If you think you may have viruses affecting your computer’s performance, back-up your device using an outside source, and then reset to factory settings.

Faulty TouchPad

TouchPad mouse buttons are broken or stuck.

Debri Under Buttons

Once you disassemble your computer, you will be able to check underneath the button to see if any small items are stuck under the button, such as a food crumb. If debris is there, carefully clean it out. Follow this guide to access the TouchPad.

Fractured Palmrest

Either the left or right-click buttons attached to the TouchPad may be fractured from the palm rest. You will need to replace the entire palm rest in order to fix the TouchPad mouse buttons, or you can purchase an external mouse that plugs into a USB port.

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