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Battery is very hot

The battery is too hot to handle with bare hands when in use.

Battery is faulty

If the laptop was manufactured between December 2004 and June 2006. The battery may need to be replaced. In October 2008, HP issued a worldwide recall on all batteries for this model laptop because of a manufacturing error that poses fire and burning hazards. If the battery is too hot to handle when in use then replace the battery.

Computer turns on for several seconds then turns off

The computer seems to run perfectly fine then abruptly turns off.

Computer is overheating

If the computer turns off after several seconds of being on, the CPU fan may have failed. One of the critical fans needed to keep the laptop at operable temperatures, in the CPU fan. Before failure this fan may make a buzzing or grinding sound. Then the computer will overheat until the laptop shuts down. Subsequent attempts to power on the computer will result in the laptop shutting down after minutes. If this is the case, consider resplacing the CPU fan.

Computer will not load the operating system

Upon turning on the system the computer goes through the boot processes then stops before loading the operating system.

Hard drive has failed

If the hard drive has failed, the computer will not be able to access the hard drive to load the operating system. While failing hard drives exhibit several symptoms before failure, these symptoms cannot easily be identified as the hard drive. If you are unable to boot into your operating system you may need to replace the hard drive.

Computer crashes or displays a blue screen

If the computer crashes or displays a blue screen with an error message, the RAM stick may need to be replaced.

RAM stick has failed

If the computer sporadically crashes or gets a blue screen displaying an error the RAM may need to be replaced. A simple way to test for corrupt RAM is using a free downloadable program called memtest86+. Simply run this program and allow it to perform the test that will tell you if you should replace the RAM stick.

Computer is unable to discover or connect devices via bluetooth

If the computer is unable to detect devices via bluetooth, you may need to replace the bluetooth card.

Bluetooth card has failed

If the computer is unable to detect devices via bluetooth, first ensure that the drivers and software are up to date. If the problem still persists the bluetooth card should be replaced.

The screen shuts off even though the computer is still on

If the screen goes black but the system is still clearly running you may need to replace the computers screen.

The backlight has failed

Please refer to this link to learn how to replace the screen.

[Insert link to screen replacement guide here]

I installed an adb debugging app and ever since my laptop keeps rebooting and comes to a screen that says finish installing system and then it shuts off

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