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Device is unresponsive

When I try to scan, copy, or fax, nothing happens.

Check device power

The power button is located in the top left section of the button display panel. To see if the power is on, ensure the circular green light is illuminated directly to the right of the universal power symbol. If it is not illuminated, the device is “off” and you need to press the power button to turn the device on.

Check device power connection

If the power is off and the printer does not turn on when pressing the power button, make sure all power cords are securely connected. The printer power cord can be separated into two pieces. First make sure the adapter cord is connected to the power port on the back of the printer. Next make sure the power cord is snugly plugged into that printer's adapter cord and finally make sure the end of the power cord is plugged into a wall outlet. If the power cord is plugged into an extension cord or a surge protector/power strip, you will need to assess if those additional parts are working and ensure the outlet you are using has power. [Hint: a way to check if your power outlet is working would be to plug in a working lamp or other such item.]

Reset the printer

Press the power button to turn on the printer, if it not already on. While the printer is on, unplug the power cord from the rear of the printer and from the wall outlet (or other power source like a power strip). Wait at least 15-20 seconds, and then plug the cord back into the wall outlet first, and the printer second. If the printer does not automatically turn on, press the power button to turn it on.

Device won't scan

When I press the "Start Scan" button, nothing happens.

Ensure printer software is installed

If the device won't scan your document, make sure you have installed the full version of the printer software onto your computer (The basic version won't allow the printer to scan). When you purchased your printer/scanner/fax/copier it should have come with a compact disk that you should have used to install the printer software and drivers onto the computer. If you have not installed this software, please do so by either: 1) finding the disk and running the installation program on your computer or 2) going to this page on the HP Support Website and selecting the Operating System you have. Continue to follow the HP step-by-step instructions for downloading and installing the appropriate "Full Feature" software and drivers for your computer.

Use Microsoft Paint program to scan

If you have the Microsoft Paint program, you may use this to scan your documents. To do this, first open the Paint program. Click on the main drop down menu located on the upper left hand corner, then select "From scanner or camera." In Windows 7, this will open a small window titled "Scan using HP PSC 2355." Select this option as an alternative way to try and run your scanner.

Device won't print

When I send a print job from my computer, the device doesn't print or do anything. There are no error messages displayed, the printer just sits in an idle status.

Is the printer power on?

Refer to "Check device power" above.

Is the printer connected to your computer?

Investigate to see if the printer is connected to your computer. In addition to the power cord you should have another cord that connects from the back port of your printer to a USB port on your computer.

If the printer is not directly connected to your computer and it is shared with other computers then it may be connected to a network. To read more about network connectivity for the HP PSC 2355, please visit the HP Support site.

Do you have the full version of the software and drivers installed?

Refer to "Ensure printer software is installed" above.

"Carriage Jam" or "Carriage Blocked" Message

When I try to copy, fax, or print a document the carriage error messages appear.

There is not a paper jam

If you receive a “Carriage Jam” or “ Carriage Blocked” message and there does not appear to be any paper jammed in the feeder, turn the printer off , wait 15-20 seconds to "reset" the printer and turn it back on.

There is a paper jam

If paper is jammed in the printer, do not pull the paper from the front of the printer, as it may damage the paper feed roller. The feed roller is designed to move in one direction only, pulling the paper in from the paper tray. Instead, the jammed paper should be removed from the rear of the printer. Turn the printer off and unplug the power cord. Open the rear access door on the back of the printer. A tab is located on the left side of the access door. Press the tab to the right. The door should swing out toward you and to the right, then it should release and separate from the printer. You should be able to see the jammed paper. Gently remove the paper from the feed rollers by pulling it out towards you. Make sure to check for any torn paper before replacing the access door (opposite of how you removed it). Plug the power cord into the printer and turn the printer on.

Poor Print Quality or Defective Printouts

When I print, copy, or receive a fax, there are colors missing, there are lines in the ink or there are other inconsistencies with my print job.

Reset the printer

Refer to "Reset the printer" above.

Clean the printer

Turn off the printer and disconnect the power cord. Open the scanner lid. Spray a soft, lint-free cloth with a mild glass cleaner, and wipe the scanner glass and white underside of the scanner lid. Close the scanner lid and reconnect the power cord to the printer. Turn the printer on and select "Start copy black" from the options to print a blank test page to ensure the streaks are gone.

Change the ink cartridges

Please refer to the instructions found on the HP website for Removing and Installing Print Cartridges.

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