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Um aluno de nosso programa de educação fez este wiki. Não foi feito pelo pessoal do iFixit.

Google Pixel 2 XL Troubleshooting

This page contains a list of some common problems users experience with their Pixel 2 XL (Model G011C) and the solutions to them.

Cannot Connect to LTE, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth

Your Pixel 2 XL is having difficulty connecting with networks

Device You Are Connecting to is Faulty

Check accompanying devices. A faulty Bluetooth device or Wi-Fi router is likely the cause of your connection troubles. Restart them and test their connection with your phone and as many other devices to identify if the Bluetooth device, Wi-Fi router, or your device is the source for the faulty connection. If the problem is with the Bluetooth device or Wi-Fi router then you may need to replace it or ask Google how to fix it. If the problem is the phone, then it is likely the problem resides with the tiny antenna bands inside the phone responsible for connecting to routers, etc. You cannot replace these on your own and should ask for professional help.

Connection is Broken

The connection might have timed out or been interrupted. There a number of approaches to fix this solution. First, go into settings, forget network or device, and reconnect to try to see a change. Second, try to reset network settings by opening settings, going to reset options, and choosing reset to take your Wi-Fi network back to its factory setting. Then reconnect. Third, enable airplane mode. Stay in this mode for about 30 seconds and then restart your phone. This will turn off and on many of your connective functions like a soft restart.

Operating System is Out of Date

Check settings to see if any software updates are available. If so, install them and restart your phone.

Reduced Battery Life

Your Pixel 2 XL has bad battery life or will not turn on

Excessive Background Activity

Your phone may be affected by a large number of bloated apps or animated wallpapers that can be draining the battery-- deciding which apps are important can help to take pressure off of it. Also, go to Display Settings to turn off “Always-on” to save power when your phone is idle.

Faulty Charger

The connection between your phone and charger may be damaged. Check the structural integrity of the charger and determine whether a new one is needed.

Faulty Battery

The battery itself might be the culprit, with possible reasons including it has undergone too many charge cycles or has water damage. If it is not performing how it should be, it may need to be replaced. You can visit our battery replacement guide via the following link: Google Pixel 2 XL Battery Replacement

Faulty Charging Assembly

The charging assembly inside your phone may be malfunctioning and may need to be replaced. This is also known as the daughter board and here is our guide to remove and replace it: Google Pixel 2 XL Charging Assembly Replacement

Bad Screen Appearance

Your Pixel 2 XL has noticeable malfunctions or deformities regarding the screen’s display

Screen Display Colors are Dull and Muted

A washed-out display isn’t as aesthetically pleasing as it should be. In the display settings, you can change the saturation of the phone’s colors to be more vibrant. Go into your Settings, then Display and faucet on Colors and choose from the 3 choices. “Natural” would be the maximum impartial and easy, “Boosted” will probably be herbal nonetheless however with a bit of additional punch, and “Saturated” will pass extra excessive with colours. Most other people will probably be happiest with Boosted, however the ones coming from different OLED phones which might be incessantly tuned to be offering deeper colours will need to transfer to preferably Saturated.

Screen Burn

The Pixel 2 XL is OLED based which means it is not uncommon for burn in to occur-- unless if it’s been only a short time since receiving it. There have been changes to reduce the maximum screen brightness and attempts to face any navigation buttons that are regularly displayed. Google offers a two week return period and other warranties, so use them if possible.

Fingerprint Sensor is Not Working

Your Pixel 2 XL will not accept fingerprints

Fingerprint Sensor is Dirty

Use a damp, non-abrasive cloth. If you have a case, remove it to scrub the area better. Make sure to rub for about fifteen seconds and not apply too much pressure.

Fingerprint Setup not complete

Make sure that you have completed the entire fingerprint setup. In order to do so, go into security settings and finish the procedure.

Device Software Out of Date

Check your device’s settings for any new available system updates. If so, we would recommend to go ahead and install them.

Audio Distortion

Your Pixel 2 XL has significant added noise or distortion from its speakers

Device Software Out of Date

A lot of devices’ audio issues have been traced back to the Android Oreo 8.0 update. We would definitely recommend to check your device’s settings for any new available system updates.

Speaker outputting High-pitched Rattling Noise

Some users experience high-pitched rattling coming from the speaker during phone calls, especially at higher volumes. While Google is working on developing a fix, it may be feasible to replace the speaker entirely. If updating the device software or reseting your phone does not seem to fix the issue and you believe the speaker needs to be replaced, here is our guide to do so: Google Pixel 2 XL Loudspeaker Replacement

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