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Garmin Nüvi 52LM Troubleshooting

The Garmin Nüvi 52LM was released in 2012. The part number is 010-01115-01.

Garmin GPS 52LM won't turn on

The device will not turn on despite several attempts pressing the power button.

Press and hold Power Button

Press down on the power button located at the top left corner of the device. Hold until device powers on.

Dead Battery

Device will not power on without minimum charge. Power GPS using charger by plugging it into an outlet. If device still does not turn on or the charge does not last, you should replace the batteries. Follow the battery replacement guide.

Faulty Display

Try listening to the device after pressing the power button. If you hear a sound, it is likely the device is on but the display is broken. The display will need to be replaced. Follow the digitizer replacement guide.

Faulty SD Card

If using extra micro SD card, remove the card before powering on the device. The slot is located at the bottom right edge of the GPS.

Touch Screen Does not Work

‘’When you touch the screen, there is an incorrect response or no response.’’

There is dirt or dust on the screen

Clean off the device with a soft cloth as to not scratch the screen.

The touchscreen needs to be calibrated

If the response is inaccurate when you touch the screen, it may need to be re-calibrated. To re-calibrated the screen, hold the power button for 30 seconds. Then tap each calibration dot one at a time.

The software is out of date

If your GPS is out of date, then there may be issues with the touch screen. To fix this, go to Download Garmin Express. Garmin has a step-by-step guide for updating software.

Screen is broken

If you have cleaned the screen, updated, and calibrated your device, and the touchscreen still does not work, the screen may be broken. To replace a broken screen, go to the digitizer replacement guide for a step by step guide.

GPS does not hold charge

‘’When you try to charge you device, the charge lasts a short amount of time or doesn’t charge at all.’’

Battery does not work

Battery may be dead or faulty. Consider buying new battery. Follow the battery replacement guide to insert a new battery.

USB Port is broken

The USB port located at the back of the device in the bottom right corner may not be functioning properly. The port will need to be replaced. Follow the USB charge port replacement guide.

Battery Gauge Inaccurate

If the device seems to run out of power while the gauge reads a higher percentage, the battery indicator may be incorrect. In this case, allow the battery to drain completely. Then, charge the battery to full, without interrupting the charge cycle.

Adapter is Broken

The adapter could be responsible for the device not charging. Consider buying a new adapter.

Device Does Not Charge in Vehicle

‘’When you are using the device in your vehicle, it will not charge.’’

No Vehicle Power

If the device is plugged into one of the vehicle’s 12V outlets, make sure that the vehicle is on and giving power. If it doesn’t begin to charge, check if the outlet is functional and intact.

Car Charging Cord Broken

The charging cord may be frayed, worn, or broken. Consider buying a new cord.

Device Does Not Register GPS Satellite Signals

The GPS will power on, but will not display your location or will bring up an error message stating it could not find the maps that were installed.

Error During Boot-up

Sometimes, when you start up the Garmin, a mistake will happen within the device that causes it to stop functioning properly. A quick restart will reset the device and make it will work properly.

The Software Needs to be updated

If the GPS brings up errors stating that it cannot find the FM Receiver or it cannot find the maps that were installed, then it may have out-of-date software. To fix this, Download Garmin Express. Garmin has a step-by-step guide for updating software.

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Hailey Clauson - Responder

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lostin woods - Responder

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