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G'z One Boulder Troubleshooting

(NOTES: Include causes somewhere)

Phone Won't Charge

Charger Connection Issues

If the phone is plugged in but not charging sometimes it could be the outlet or the charger connection. Make sure phone is securely plugged into charger and charger is plugged into a working outlet. Sometimes the contacts can get dirty and cause phone not to charge, so ensure that the contacts on charger and phone are clean. Also a loose connection may cause the phone to not charge and tying a rubber band around the charger and the phone can and keep the connection tight enough to charge.

Battery Won't Hold Charge

If the battery says charging when plugged in but despite how long it is left to charge, dies immediately after unplugging, then the battery has failed and needs to be replaced. To do so follow the Battery Installation Guide.

Screen Is Blank Or Cracked

Screen problems can be caused by bad electrical connections or physical damage from mishandling the phone. If the screen is blank but the key pad is still lighting up, giving the impression that the phone is on, try powering the phone off and then back on. If still does not work, the screen will replaced. To do so follow the Screen Installation Guide.

Similarly, the Screen Installation Guide should be followed if either the front or main screen is cracked and needs replacing.

Screen Cover Is Cracked Or Scratched

The display cover may get cracked or damage by being dropped or other similar accidents. If display cover is cracked or scratched and replacement is desired, follow the Screen Cover Installation Guide. It should be noted this feature does not effect the phones functionality in anyway.

Having Trouble Hearing From Earpiece

Difficultly hearing through the earpiece can be caused by damage to the speaker or if the speaker volume is set to low. Check volume settings within phone to make sure the speaker volume is adequately high. If the earpiece speaker is still not working properly replace it by following the Ear Piece Speaker Installation Guide.

Callers Can't Hear You

If people are having trouble hearing you make sure you are in a place with adequate service and nothing is covering the mouthpiece. The speaker may break if water gets inside it or from being dropped.

Camera Malfunctioning

If the camera is not working properly, try powering the phone off and then back on. This can be caused by a software issue or may have broken from being dropped or water getting inside of it. If camera still does not work after restarting, it may need replacement. To replace the camera follow the Camera Installation Guide.

Can't Get Service

If the cell phone has no bars or can't get service, make sure you are in an area in which your service provider offers service and check phone settings and ensure it is not on airplane mode. If the phone still does not receive service and the service provider has not discontinued your cellphones service for other reasons, the phone antenna may need replacement. To do so follow the Antenna Installation Guide.

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