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Camera won't turn on

When the power button is pressed, the camera will not turn on

Battery is dead

A camera that has not been turned on recently could just have a dead battery. Load a new or fully charged battery into camera.

Battery is loaded backwards

Ensure that battery is loaded in the correct way. See User's Manual

AC Power Adapter not plugged in properly

Ensure that power plug is in the wall and in the camera correctly. Be sure that power is running and charging the battery.

Hardware problems

If the camera will truly not turn on, there is probably an issue with the logic board in the camera, which will be a costly and difficult self-repair. It may be best to contact Fujifilm for repair here.

Battery runs out quickly

Battery does not hold a charge for very long

Camera used in cold conditions

A battery that is too cold will not function properly. Place the battery in a pocket to warm it up.

Terminals are soiled

Dirty battery terminals will prevent a proper connection. Wipe off battery with a clean, dry cloth.

Battery life exceeded

Purchase a new battery.

No photograph is taken when pressing the shutter button

Photos are not taken

No xD-Picture Card is inserted

Insert an approved xD-Picture Card. Not all picture cards are compatible with this device. See User's Manual

The xD-Picture Card is full

Insert a new xD-Picture Card or erase unwanted pictures. Note that it is better to "format" the xD card rather than using the "erase all" feature.

The xD-Picture Card is not formatted

Format xD-Picture Card using user-interface. See User's Manual

Can’t use the flash option

Picture not taken with flash when shutter button pressed

Photography mode set to Natural Light (N), or Landscape.

Change Photography mode to other option. Natural Light or Landscape mode will turn flash off.

Continuous shooting has been selected

Set continuous shooting to “OFF”

Flash battery is depleted

Replace the flash battery

Flash bulb is broken

Replace the flash bulb. Repair could be costly and difficult. Contact Fujifilm for repair here.

Blurred image

Photo taken appears to be blurred or pixilated

The lens is dirty

Anything that is on the lens will result in bad quality photos. Clean the lens with a clean cloth.

Photographed scenery with Macro mode

Cancel Macro mode and set to Normal mode. See User's Manual

Close-up shot was taken without selecting Macro mode

Select Macro mode and retake picture in order to enhance quality. See User's Manual

Subject photographed is not suitable for Auto-focusing

Select AF/AE mode from the menu options and retake picture. See User's Manual

"Focus Error" displayed/ Lens will not retract

The lens is partially or fully extended and will not retract. The screen is either displaying "Focus Error" or "Zoom Error"

Guide pins misaligned

The gears that move the lens could be slightly jammed. Attempt to gently push or rotate the lens back into place.

Debris caught near outside of lens gears

Blow or gently wipe around the edges of the lens and turn the camera off and on.

Debris caught in or around inside of lens gears

Take off casing and clean the area around the lens.

Lens is damaged

Install a new lens.

“Card Not Initialized” displayed on screen

Error reading “Card Not Initialized” is displayed. No pictures can be viewed or taken on the camera.

Reformat xD card using camera

Pull up the main menu, select “reformat”, and select “ok.” Note that all pictures will be ERASED. See User's Manual

xD card is permanently damaged

Purchase a new xD card.

Damaged LCD

The LCD screen is either damaged or not turning on at all

Camera not charged

If the battery is low enough, the screen will not turn on at all. Charge the camera's battery and turn the camera on.

LCD is damaged

Install a new LCD.


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