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Student-Contributed Wiki

Wiki contribuído por estudante

Um aluno de nosso programa de educação fez este wiki. Não foi feito pelo pessoal do iFixit.

Memory Card Error Messages

CARD ERROR shows for memory problems

not formatted, card contacts need clean or damaged, memory briefly corrupted, malfunction.

Card needs to be format. Clean the card contacts with a soft, dry cloth. If message still shows repeated to format card. If message still shows, replace card. Contact FUJIFILM dealer for camera malfunction.

Camera is Out of Focus

Camera Picture looks blurred or the scenery cannot be made out

subject is close, far away, autofocus N/A.

Select macro mode, cancel macro mode,use focus lock.

Poor Battery Performance

Battery is like dead or drained

battery exhausted, incorrect orientation, battery cold, dirt on terminals, auto mode, overcharged.

Warm battery in pocket or other warm place and re-insert immediately before taking a picture, use camera mode to conserve power when shooting, battery has reached end of charging life and there has to be a purchase of a new battery. Charge battery or insert fully-charged spare battery, re-insert battery in the correct orientation.

Camera Shuts Off

Camera turns off for no reason

memory inserted or pulled out.

Re-insert memory card, close battery-chamber cover, then turn on camera.

Flash Does Not Work

Flash seems to not flash

shooting mode which flash not fire, battery exhausted, continuous mode or silent mode, flash off.

Choose a different shooting mode, charge battery or insert fully-charged spare battery. Select off for continuous. Turn silent mode off. Choose a different flash mode.

Camera Will Not Power On

My camera isn't turning on

Power button needs holding. Battery installed in wrong direction. Battery depleted. Battery's lifespan is drained.

Try pressing the power button for ten-seconds. Open the camera’s battery door and make sure the battery is properly in the camera. Plug the power cord into the camera and see if the screen responds. Try a different battery.

Black Speck Appears In Pictures

I keep seeing a small black spot on my pictures

Dust on LCD screen or CCD image sensor.

See if the black speck is just on your LCD screen or in your pictures as well. If the black spot is everywhere then you most likely have dust on your CCD image sensor. You will need to open the camera to get to the sensor and clean. If the black speck is only on the LCD screen then your have a bad pixel. You can either ignore it, or replace the screen.

Lens will not close

No matter what I do i can’t close my lens

Dust or debris is around the lens. Lens are broken.

Look for dust or debris holding the lens in place. Try using compressed air to loosen up the dust and debris.If there is no dust and debris then they need replacement.

Cracked LCD

It looks like ink has spilled in the screen

The LCD got cracked or broken

You are going to have to replace the entire LCD screen.

Buttons are not working

Buttons will not respond

Dust and debris is around these buttons. Buttons are damaged.

Try using compressed air and a needle to remove any dust and debris. If this doesn't work you may have to replace the buttons.

Menu appears different

The menu looks different than before

Menu is changed accidentally by pressing the wrong buttons.

Try going through the menu, find the settings and reset the camera. This should take your settings and put it factory standard settings.

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