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Um aluno de nosso programa de educação fez este wiki. Não foi feito pelo pessoal do iFixit.

Dell MO56UC Mouse Troubleshooting

This page will help future users determine the issue and asses the issue properly for their Dell mouse. If any of these issues occur, locate the proper diagnosis for the specific topic of concern.

Mouse buttons are not functioning, or are sticky

No matter how hard you press the buttons won't click.

Bad connection from buttons to the mouse

The mouse may have a sensor error where every time you click, the mouse just isn't reading the action preformed. If it is a sensor error, the mouse will need to be disassembled and either the sensor needs to be cleaned with electronic cleaner, or the sensor may need to be replaced.

The mouse buttons are stuck or sticky

The buttons are pressed, there is no sound or feeling to assure the operator the buttons are functioning. If there isn't any sound or feeling the buttons may be stuck. This can be fixed by cleaning the button area with electronic cleaner. One may need to clear gunk from the spacing between the button and the mouse body.

Mouse sensors are not responding correctly to the actions

The ball that relays to the sensor is stuck or not rolling

This issue can be noticed if the mouse has trouble "rolling" or the cursor is not responding to mouse movements. This can be fixed by either cleaning the ball with soap and water, make sure the ball is dry when replacing, or by removing the ball and replacing it back. If this doesn't fix the issue, read on.

Interior ball sensors are dirty

If the ball has been removed, it will expose three primary sensors. Theses sensors look like white wheels. There is one sensor which controls vertical and horizontal movements, and on sensor for the left movement and one for the right. One common issue is that the sensors may be dirty and might not be picking up on the ball movements. They can be cleaned with electronic cleaner or by scraping the residue off manually.

Mouse isn't functioning at all

Is the mouse plugged in?

This may be odd to state, but it happens. Check to see if the mouse is properly plugged into the computer. If it is not, do so and check to see if that solves the issue. If it does not, read on.

Examine the cord

The cord is extremely important in the act of transporting power to the mouse and relaying the movements to the computer. check the cord to see if there is any frays or if there is any wires exposed. This can be fixed, but it needs to be done professionally. If this is the case it would be more reasonable to invest in a new mouse. If you know how to splice wires together, give it a try to see if it fixes the issue.

The wheel is not functioning properly

The wheel is dirty or sticky

Is the wheel getting stuck? does the wheel have dirt or grime built up? Since the wheel gets a lot of use, it is really common for it to build up dirt which can cause the wheel to get stuck or stick in some positions. this can be fixed by manually cleaning off the dirt. If this does not not resolve the issue, read on.

Wheel sensor is dirty

If cleaning the wheel off itself does not fix the issue, disassemble the mouse to expose the interior. When the interior is view able, you can see the sensor connected to the wheel. This can be manually cleaned. If this does not work, you may need to replace the sensor.

Wheel button doesn't work

This may be resolved by cleaning the wheel itself, but you may need to expose the interior to take a look. If the wheel clicks but is not responsive, try to rock the wheel back and fourth and click it to try and free it from residue. If this does not work use some electronic cleaner to free some grime up.

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