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Canon Powershot SD1000 Troubleshooting

Camera won't turn on

Battery is dead

Recharge the battery using an AC adapter. If the battery is not recharging, it is broken, and you will need to purchase a new battery replacement. If you need help replacing the battery, see our Battery Installation guide.

Bad logic board

If you have charged or replaced the battery and the camera is still not turning on, the logic board may not working properly and will need to be replaced using the Motherboard Installation guide.

Camera won't save pictures

Memory card locked

Take out the memory card and make sure that it is not locked (The memory card is located under the battery). There should be a switch on the card itself.

Corrupted memory card

If the memory card is not locked and you are still unable to save pictures, it may be faulty and you will need to purchase a new card.

Stuck Shutter/Lens staying open

Sand or other particles jamming lens

Gently tap the lens or tap the padded USB cover on a hard surface to dislodge any particles. Compressed air may need to be used to blow particles out.

Not enough power

Try replacing the battery, as there may not be enough power to retract the lens. If this does not work, plug an A/V (Audio/Visual) cable into the camera, so that the LCD screen is off and there is extra power to retract the lens.

Lens is broken

If none of the previous tips worked, the lens may be dysfunctional and beyond repair. You will need to replace it using our Lens Installation guide.

Display is Dysfunctional

LCD screen is dirty

Make sure that your screen is off. Then, Using a soft cotton or microfiber cloth, and water, gently wipe down your screen.

LCD screen will not light up, or is cracked

Replace the LCD screen using our LCD Replacement guide.

Camera won't connect to Computer

Cables are not connected properly

Check to ensure that your camera is properly connected to the computer.

Camera software is not functioning properly

Try restarting the software on your computer. If it was not installed properly, you may need to uninstall and re-install the software.

The camera driver software is out of date

Visit the Canon website and download the latest driver software.

Camera won't flash

Flash is not turned on

Press the zig-zagging down arrow on the right side of the circular button pad, and then toggle between the left and right arrows to switch between flash modes.

Flash unit is damaged

You may need to replace the flash unit, or the capacitor near the flash. The bulb may also be broken and in need of replacement. The flash unit can be replaced using our Broken Flash Unit Installation guide.

Broken Shutter Button

The shutter button is the button which is pressed to take a picture. If the camera seems to be functioning properly (turns on, LCD screen lights up), but it does not take a picture when you press the shutter button, the button may be broken. You will need to replace the shutter button using our Shutter Button Installation guide.

Exposures are milky white. Video works fine

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