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The control dial will not work

The dial won’t allow me to navigate through pictures or features.

The dial is stuck

If the control dial on your camera refuses to rotate entirely or properly then there might be sand or excess water stuck underneath the dial. If this is the issue then you can resolve it by wiping it with a dry soft clothe or by using a blower brush to remove the excess sand or water. If this does not fix the issue then you might have to replace the dial. Click on the following link to view the dial repair guide [|Link to the dial replacement guide]

The battery compartment cover will not close

The cover will not stay closed, only if I seal it with tape.

Battery issue

If the cover does not close then you might have the batteries placed incorrectly or there might be an object blocking the base of the battery compartment which won't allow them to fit correctly and will keep the cover from closing. If this is the issue remove the batteries and check to see if there is a foreign object blocking the base or if the spring might be broken. Remove the object if there is one or replace the spring, which can be purchased or fixed. Also don’t forget to place the batteries correctly. If this does not fix the issue then you might want to check if the SD card is keeping the cover from closing.

Memory card issues

If you are using the wrong memory card or have placed it incorrectly this could keep you from being able to close the battery compartment cover. If this is the issue make sure that the memory card is the right size since the Canon PowerShot is compatible with various types memory cards the only issue could be the size. Also make sure that when inserting the memory card it is being placed correctly and that you hear it click into place. If this is not the issue then you might have to replace the lock if it is broken or if the cover has a broken part. In both of these cases you would have to replace the battery compartment cover.

Battery compartment cover/lock

If your battery compartment lock has broken then you would have to replace it. This also goes for the compartment cover, if it is broken or missing a part then you will have to replace the part. If this is the issue you will have to replace the entire battery compartment cover for both a broken part or if the lock is not working properly. While you are purchasing the part keep in mind to make sure to read the description before making a purchase to make sure that it is compatible with your device.Click on the following link to view the battery compartment cover repair your device [|Link to the battery compartment cover/lock replacement guide]

Pictures show flare/distortion

The pictures the camera is taking are constantly showing light flare, discoloration, etc.

Camera lens/lens filter needs to be cleaned

Camera lens filters protect the lens and provide many special effects to a camera so it is necessary to occasionally clean it. You can clean a filter by using items such as a bulb blower, filter cloth/spray, or a cleaning pen. All methods are to be used gently with care and caution so no scratches are made in the process.

Lens hood replacement

Often times a flare in the picture can be corrected as easily as changing your angle but you can also purchase a lens hood from local or online stores. Hoods not only protect from glare but also against damage to the lens. Click on the following link to replace the lens hood [|Link to the lens hood replacement guide]

If none of the above solutions are working for you, the lens or lens filter may need to be replaced entirely.

Flash does not go off when you take a picture

The flash does not function correctly. It does not go off when you take a picture or the power of lighting is poor.

Turn on the flash

Sometimes the flash is turned off and it needs to manually be set. Before attempting to make repairs to the flash, complete the following steps:

  • Raise the flash.
  • Press the flash option on the control dial.
  • Choose the flash that best fits your photo scenario.
  • Select FUNC. SET button. A flash icon will appear on the screen.

Battery issue

Check the battery charge indicator

In most cases when the battery is low, a battery icon or a message will appear on the left corner of the camera screen. If this appears, charge or replace the batteries.

Battery cover terminals are dirty

The battery terminals are located on the battery compartment cover. Battery performance will decrease if terminals are not cleaned on a regular basis. Clean the batteries with a cotton swab and reinsert the batteries.

The battery cover is not making connection with the batteries

Check the battery compartment cover and see if it closes correctly. If it doesn't then go to contents on this page and check the troubleshooting section for "The battery compartment cover will not close".

The Flash is dirty

If small amounts of smoke are emitted from the Flash, this is due to the high intensity of the flash burning the dust. This can be fixed by using a cotton swab to remove dust or other foreign matter from the flash to prevent heat buildup and damage to the unit.

The Flash Exposure Compensation is low

On some occasions the Flash exposure compensation is automatically set on low. Due to this setting the power of the flash is not high enough. To adjust the Flash Exposure follow the following:

  • Press the Func. Set button
  • Scroll up or down until you find the option of Exposure Compensation
  • Press Func. Set Button to select this option
  • You will now be able to select the power of the Flash Exposure.

The Flash is damaged

Sometimes the Flash goes out due to overuse, a short circuit, exposure to high humidity, etc. The recommendation is to dissemble the camera and replace the Flash. Before purchasing verify that the Flash is compatible with your camera.Click on the following link to learn how to replace the Flash: [|Link to the flash replacement guide]

The screen won’t turn on

The camera turns on but the screen does not.


If the batteries no longer have any charge or very low charge then that will keep the screen from turning on. If this is the issue, replace the batteries or recharge them. If this does not fix the issue then it may also be the battery compartment.

Battery compartment cover

If the cover is not completely closed or if the batteries are not making contact with the metallic portion of the battery compartment cover then the screen will not turn on. If this is the issue make sure that the batteries you are using are the appropriate AA batteries that are required. If you are using the correct batteries make sure that the battery compartment cover locks when it is closed. If this is not the issue there might be possible damage to the screen which will have to be replaced.

Screen replacement

If you have to replace the screen due to damage caused by:



*cracked screen (due to impact)

If this is your issue make sure that you purchase the correct part (Canon PowerShot SX120 IS LCD screen monitor) Click on the following link to view screen replacement guid : [|Link to the screen replacement guide]

WE are unable to take pictures and the message that comes up is "card locked". How do we fix this? Thank you.

Louise Halyak - Responder

I'm a dork. I replied to your problem in a comment, not a reply. Hope you resolved, if not, check out my "comment"...duh, me.

sue lindgren -

Can't believe no body answered this yet. Look @ your card, there's little notch where you can see the "lock" icon. Slide it & you'll unlock. If unsure, take it to techno savvies or Staples kinda places & they can show you.

sue lindgren - Responder

I can't access the battery/memory card compartment. It won't slide. There's nothing in or on it. This is the 1st time I've ever had a problem with it & now I can't recharge or even get the pix off the card & into my computer. Please, help me!

sue lindgren - Responder

I have a serious problem. The camera turns on when I put a new battery inside. I can take picture. But to close it, I need to put out the battery from the battery compartment. And the objective wont close?? How can I close my camera properly???

Thank you

leblancjerome - Responder

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