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Canon PowerShot SD800 IS Troubleshooting

The upper indicator light next to the viewfinder is does not show anything.

Push the "ON/OFF" button on the top of the camera.

Make sure the battery is inserted correctly and the battery compartment is completely closed and locked. Otherwise, charge the battery and try again. If the camera still does not respond, remove the battery and clean out the battery housing and check the battery contacts for corrosion. If the contacts are corroded, replace the battery (High Power NB-5L). The battery will die faster if not fully discharged before recharging. Make sure the battery is properly and securely inserted in the battery compartment. The contacts will corrode over time.

"E18" text appearing on the display screen indicates a lens error or the lens failing to fully retract or extend.

1. Try turning the power off and then back on.

2. Try turning the display off and then turning the camera off and then back on. This diverts power from the display to the motor and may give the motor the extra push it needs to fully extend or retract.

3. Try using compressed to remove any dirt or grit from the lens housing.

4. Carefully shake or strike the camera in order to dislodge the dirt or grit blocking the lens movement. Use caution, as Canon's website warns that this may cause data corruption.

Lens errors are usually caused by dirt, grit, or some other obstruction getting stuck in the camera's lens housing. Also, be wary of cloth camera cases that produce loose strings as these may also cause an E18.

The LCD displays "Memory Card Error", "No Memory Card", "Unrecognized File Format", or "?" when a memory card is inserted.

Open the battery/memory card cover and remove the memory card. Check that there is no foreign material on the memory card contacts. Also, check that the "write-protect" switch on the memory card is not active. Before reinserting the memory card, check that it is correctly oriented. Inserting the memory card backwards may cause damage to camera or to the memory card's data.

Dust or grit can block memory card contacts, preventing the camera from reading the card. Make sure the memory card compartment stays clean, and the card is properly inserted.

The LCD displays "Communication Error" when trying to download pictures to the memory card.

If there are more than 1000 images on the memory card, the card is full. Delete some images in order to save more to the card, or simply download the images from the memory card to your computer.

The LCD displays "Communication Error" when trying to connect to a computer.

Try disconnecting the cable from both the camera and the computer and then reconnecting. If this doesn't work, try a different cable. The error could also be a result of a problem with the connection port on the camera or the USB port on the computer.

Do not insert the card upside-down or backwards, and make sure that all cables are entirely inserted.

Cannot push a button because it is stuck.

Try removing obstructions with a fine needle or use compressed air.

Otherwise, it may be necessary to replace the buttons.

The mode selector wheel does not click and slides too easily.

Try tightening the screw inside that holds the mode selector wheel in place.

Keep dirt and grit away from the camera, as these can stuck in the buttons.

Display is discolored, there are visible scratches or cracks.

A cracked LCD display requires replacement.

Avoid dropping or striking the camera.

The display works, but is dark.

The backlight has stopped working, and needs replacement.

Avoid dropping or striking the camera.

Screen is white with what looks like an ink blotch on the left and left corner of paper folded over .?

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