• Make sure the AF-assist Beam is on.
  • Make sure the AF-assist Beam is not blocked by your hand or other items.
  • Subject(s) is not in the shooting range. Otherwise use infinity mode to shoot distant subject(s).
    • Normal range is 1.0 ft.(30CM)
    • Macro Mode is from 1.0-1.6ft.(30-50CM)
    • Digital macro mode is 1.2-3.9 in.(3-10CM)
  • Use focus lock or AF lock when shooting.
  • Turn flash on.
  • Set exposure compensation to positive(+).
  • Check if the subject is out of flash range.
  • Raise ISO sensitivity.
  • Check if the subject is too close.
  • Set exposure compensation to negative(-).
  • Turn off flash.
  • Change shooting angle.
  • Camera automatically adjusted and lightened the photo. There is no detriment to the photo.
  • Image is too bright. This will not show on the photo, but will show on a recorded movie.
  • Replace LCD screen.
  • A LCD screen darkens in bright sunlight. There is no malfunction.
  • A LCD screen lightens in low light. There is no malfunction.
  • Make sure the power button is on.

*If the camera is on, make sure the SD Card/ battery cover is closed. The camera will not operate if this cover is open.

  • The camera has insufficient battery voltage.
  • If the camera still does not turn on you may have insufficient battery power. Insert a fully charged battery and restart the camera.
  • Use the AC Adapter Kit ACK-DC10 (sold separately).
  • The battery charge is insufficient to operate the camera
  • Replace the battery with a charged one OR
  • Recharge the battery pack
  • The battery life is exceeded if the battery pack loses its charge quickly at normal temperature (23*C/73*F).
  • Replace the battery pack with a new one.
  • The battery pack life is exceeded or there is poor contact between the battery pack and battery charger.
  • Replace the battery pack with a new one OR
  • Insert battery pack securely into battery charger (*ensure that battery charger plug is securely plugged into the power outlet).
  • The lens will not contract if the SD card/ battery cover was opened with the power on. Close this cover and turn off the camera.
  • If the lens still will not shut, reset the camera to the factory default settings.
  • If the problem persists, debris may be lodged in the lens system. Hold the camera face down in your right hand and tap the base of the camera with your left hand as you press the power button or blow compressed air into the lens to clear the debris.
  • If none of these solutions work, there may be severe problem in the lens system that requires professional repair.
  • The zoom feature will not operate in any other mode other than standard. Make sure the camera is set to standard

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