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Blackberry 7105t Troubleshooting

Blackberry 7105t Troubleshooting Guide

Blackberry Will Not Turn On

Removing the Battery

  • Check to see if there is a battery. If so, try taking it out and putting it back in. If the problem persists, try charging the battery. If it was dead, this will solve your problem.

Blackberry Battery is Dead

  • If the battery appears to be dead and the phone won't charge, there are two possible solutions. The first is to follow the repair guide for removing/replacing the battery connector.
  • If this does not solve the problem, a new battery should be purchased.
Blackberry has no Audio or Distorted Audio

Taking the Phone off "Silent"

  • If the phone is on silent, it can be turned to a ringer setting by going to "Profiles" in the "Settings" menu. From there, click on "Default" and choose "Change Option", then click on "Phone." In this screen, make sure the "Out of Holster" option reads "Tone" or "Vibrate and Tone".

Turning the Wireless On

  • Note. The device itself can be turned On, but have the Wireless function turned off, so it will appear to be on, but will not recieve calls.
  • If the Wireless function is turned off, the icon in the top right of the screen will say "OFF". It can be turned on by scrolling all the way to the last icon (this may mean scrolling "below" the page) in the main menu and selecting the "Turn Wireless On" icon.

Replacing the Speaker

  • If neither of these solutions work, the speaker might need to be replaced. In order to do this, you can buy a new speaker and follow the Speaker Replacement Guide on this site.
Blackberry Screen is Too Dark to See Anything

Increasing the Brightness

  • If the screen appears to not show anything, or if there is a very faint image, the backlight brightness may be turned to a low setting. In order to make the backlight brighter, click on the "Status" icon, then scroll to the "Screen/Keyboard" listing. In the new screen, scroll to the option "Backlight Brightness" and click on it. Choose "Change Option" and scroll up to increase the brightness.
Blackberry Keys do not Work, or Stick

Keys Don't Work

  • If the keys do not work, there could be one of two sources to the problem.
  • The first is if the keys have a bad connection to the motherboard of the phone. In this case, the only thing that can be done is to replace the keyboard. To do this, follow the "Keyboard Removal/Replacement Guide."
  • The second cause could be if the problem is with the motherboard, and not the keys. This is a much more serious problem, and the only solution is to get a new phone. More often than not, the problem will not be with the motherboard. If there is a problem with the motherboard, it will not manifest itself in the keys.

Keys are Stuck or Sticking

  • If the keys work, but only work periodically, or get "stuck" when depressed, there may be dirt or a sticky substance underneath them, preventing them from working properly.
  • The keys can be unprofessionally cleaned by removing the keyboard with the "Keyboard Removal/Replacement Guide" and using a dust-off product to clean the keys.
  • If the keys still stick, the substance may be too sticky, or too large to remove. In this case, the keyboard will most likely have to be replaced.

My 7105t phone is not working. When I. Take out the battery and put it back the blackberry switches on and on the top right corner I see ABC and the hour glass. The hour glass keeps on reading and nothing opens. I kept the phone switch on over night but there is no improvement. The hour glass keeps reading and does not open the home screen

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