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Um aluno de nosso programa de educação fez este wiki. Não foi feito pelo pessoal do iFixit.

Azpen A740 Tablet will not turn on

When we pressed the Home button, the device will not turn on.

Faulty Battery

Before digging into the device, try to turn the device off and wait for 10 seconds, then try turning the device back on. If this does not work try again several times. If the device still will not turn on, try to charge the battery, it could be the device may just be dead. If the device still does not turn on, check the charging/power cable for any physical damage, attachment or orientation.If there is any physical damage, the charging cable needs to be replaced since it is not providing sufficient voltage to the battery, consequently affecting the device power supply.

Replace Battery

If the device does not turn on, it might be due to a drained and bad battery. The contents of the battery may have also caused the battery to swell and in turn, causes the battery to drain quickly or not even charge. In this case, the battery will need to be replaced.

Speaker buzzing or static

When playing media it appears the device is mute.

Loose wire connecting Speaker

The user can try to adjust the volume or go to the settings to make other adjustments such as the brightness, which can be a problem as well. If this does not work, try blowing onto the speaker to possibly remove any dust or particles which may be trapped in the speaker. If this the does not work the user should open the device and check the connection of the speaker. If the wires are not connected then the user may need to solder the wires back to the device. If the speaker is still not working then the speaker needs to be completely replaced.

Cannot Take Pictures

The device cannot connect to the camera

Faulty Camera

In this case, try holding down the power button might not work. Try to clean the camera lens with a linen cloth to remove possible dust and particles on the lens. If this does not work check for permanent scuffs and scratches on the device. If these damages cannot be removed then a complete replacement is needed; therefore, both front and back camera needs to be replaced since they are attached.

Screen Touch not working/crack

The device screen is not reading input from user

Loose Display Connector

If the device is not longer sensing your fingers on the screen, try turn it on and off repeatedly. If this not work try resetting the tablet to the original factory settings. If this does not work then the user needs to open up the tablet and check the connection of the display screen. If the display screen is not connected the user will need to solder the wires back together. If the screen has stopped working all together, the screen needs to be completely replaced.

Cracked Display Screen

If the screen of the device is cracked it is more than likely that it is only the glass screen and not the actual touch screen display. Because of this the user will not need to replace the touchscreen display. However, the glass is not able to be replaced since it is attached to the body of the device. If the user wants a device without a crack a new device will need to be purchased.

Slow Response or Randomly Turning Off

The device takes a while to respond to input from the user

The device continually turns off

Faulty motherboard

Problems related to the motherboard might be a power failure or a component failure. The first action the user should take will be resetting the device back to the original factory settings. If this does not work then the user will need to open the device and check the motherboard for any sign of physical damage such as; burning, broken connectors, or dirty chips. If so, unnecessary peripherals such as SD card and Sim card need to be removed to check the dis-functional device. If the physical damages are able to be cleaned then that should be done; however, if not the motherboard might need to be replaced. If one of the peripherals is not working the entire motherboard will still need to be replaced since it can damage other components.

Tablet powers on properly. When I try to setup networking, background or any other items. Once the system is powered off and then back on all settings are lost.

H Gibson - Responder

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