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Asus W2W-A1 Troubleshooting

Laptop Won't Turn On

Nothing happens when you press the power button.

Laptop Is Out of Charge

Plug the charger into the laptop (make sure the charger is plugged into a power outlet as well) and turn the laptop on.

Adapter Problem

If the adapter power LED light is off and the charger is plugged in, there may be a connection problem. The cords may need to be replaced.

Operating System (OS) Problem

If you can see the Asus logo and can load the operating system, you likely need to re-install the system. You may also want to try using the recovery partition or disc.

Hardware Issue

If you cannot see the Asus logo when you try to turn on the laptop or if you cannot load the OS, there is likely a motherboard, hard drive or processor issue. You will need to repair/replace some physical component of your device.

Nothing Displays

If there is no display when the power is on, check to see if memory was added. If it was, please remove it and boot it up again. If that fails, find the small reset hole on the bottom and press it with a small pin of some sort. If that fails, there is likely a battery issue.

Short Battery Life

Your battery dies quickly or cannot hold a charge.

Bright Screen

The battery will drain much more quickly if the screen is at or near full brightness because the battery needs to power the bright display. Turn down the brightness (50 percent or less is ideal) to see if battery life is improved.

Battery Intensive Applications Open

Many applications and services will drain the battery very quickly. Close any services not in use, such as bluetooth or wifi. Also close any applications you are not using. Some applications, especially games, video players, or photo editors, will drain the battery rapidly.

Wrong Power4Gear Configuration

Asus has a built-in software called Power4Gear for battery management. Choosing a mode on Power4Gear suitable for your needs may solve your battery issues.

Hardware Failure

If all else fails, the battery itself may have lost its ability to maintain a charge. Thankfully, it is very easy to change the battery on the Asus W2W-A1 because it is simply locked in place on the outside of the laptop. Buying a replacement battery should fix the issue if your old one has broken.

Overheating/Cooling Issues

If you believe that your laptop is overheating, first make sure that the fan vents are cleaned out. Dirt and dust accumulating in the vents can cause the laptop to have difficulty cooling down.

Some users have encountered an issue where the video card is overheating, causing the laptop to crash. To solve this issue, go into the Boot tab in System Configuration and find Advanced Options. Setting the number of processors and maximum memory to max should keep the video card from overheating again.

This issue is addressed here:


Hard Drive Failure

A problem has occurred internally within your laptop.

NOTE: A hard drive failure might be a very tricky problem to solve without prior knowledge in this field.

Backup Files

The first step, if you know that your hard drive has failed, is to attempt to back up all your files on that hard drive. This can be done on an online back up site. It will cost about 50 dollars, but this will save all of your files. Sites that will back up your files are Norton Save and Restore 2.0.

Replace Hard Drive

After backing up your files, replace your hard drive with a new one. This particular Laptop has a 300 GB hard drive. After replacing the hard drive, download all the drivers from your computer which can be found at support.asus.com. The last thing you should do is to replace your files back onto the new hard drive.

If there are any other issues regarding the hard drive, or if this solution did not work for you, please contact the Asus support team at:


Our repair guide for this can be found at:

Asus W2W-A1 Hard Drive Replacement

All of this information can be found at :


Ethernet Network Adapter Problem

You are not able to connect to the internet.

Check Network Icon

If your network icon reads: "No connections available" or "Not Connected," disable your firewall or any security software. Make sure your ethernet cable and port are not damaged. If they appear to be damaged, you may need to replace them.

Check Router/Modem Connection

Make sure the problem is indeed with your adapter by checking your connection to your router/modem and ensuring that your internet service itself is not down. Restart your router/modem to make certain everything is connected properly.

Power Saving Disabled

Make sure the power saving feature on your Ethernet Adapter is disabled. The link for this step is posted at the bottom of this page.

Driver Installed Incorrectly

The driver may not be installed properly. To reinstall the correct driver follow this link: http://support.asus.com/download/downloa....

Ethernet Adapter Not Recognized

If the Ethernet Adapter is not showing up in the device manager, press the F2 key while the computer is booting to access the Basic Input/Output System (BIOS). Then, press the key F9 to load the set-up default. Save your changes and restart the computer by pressing F10.

All Else Fails

If none of these steps helped, and your problem is still occurring, you should reinstall the system by using system recovery, or the installation disc given to you. NOTE: you should back up your important files to an external hard drive of some sort to make sure you don't lose your files.

If this did not solve your problem, you can email the Asus support team at http://support.asus.com/techserv/techser...

All this information can also be found at the Asus support website and the link for this specific Laptop is posted here: http://support.asus.com/Troubleshooting/...

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