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Um aluno de nosso programa de educação fez este wiki. Não foi feito pelo pessoal do iFixit.

The headset plays no sound.

Check to make sure headset cable is plugged in completely into both the headset and mixamp.

Check the mixamp cable to see if your mute button is on. To check, look for a red strip on the Quick Disconnect cable. If it you cannot see it, then the volume is muted. To fix this, lightly push the switch off so that the red strip is visible.

Audio only comes out of one side of headset.

Make sure the A40 Console Cable is plugged in correctly. The mute switch side should be connected to the headset and the other end to the mixamp.

Microphone generates a static and/or crackle noise along with audio.

Do you have to move controller cable around in order to get audio connection? If yes, then the issue is with the controller cable.

Sometimes, the cables and connections may be loose. Make sure all your cables are securely plugged in place.

Disconnect all cables from headset and mixamp, then plug your mixamp into PC and use the sound recorder application that comes with Windows OS. Record and save an audio clip onto your desktop or hard drive. Playback the audio to check if issue still exists. If yes, then the underlying issue is with the microphone or headset. If no, then the issue is with the mixamp only.

Microphone does not work properly after Realtek Driver installation

Often times the Realtek driver correlates with the USB drivers so if you have updated your Realtek drivers recently, it might have affected the USB drivers. Simply update your USB drivers at this point and see if it works. To update USB drivers, go to Asto Firmware updates page and install following the instructions.

If your microphone issue is not related to the Realtek driver and USB firmware updates, check to see if the microphone is plugged in completely into your headset and PC. Make sure that the microphone is enabled, and that the output level is not set to minimum or muted.

''Computer unable to recognize mixamp"

Make sure your firmwares are up to date. You can update the firmwares via the Astro Firmware page. If the problem persists, try plugging the USB cables into different ports.

Tenho problemas com o Microfone tenho q ficar batendo ou rodando a peça do Microfone para funcionar, qualquer movimento para de funcionar. Por favor me ajudem não faço ideia da origem do problema, se é o encaixe ou a peça do microfone.

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