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Apple AirPort Extreme Model A1143 Troubleshooting

The AirPort Extreme is a residential gateway product from Apple Inc. combining the functionality of a router, network switch, wireless access point and NAS as well as varied other functions.

Device will not power on

The base station does not turn on

Check Power Source

Check to make sure that the device is properly connected to the power outlet. If the device still does not turn on, the internal battery may need to be replaced.

Please see Replacing Internal Battery

Device is on but not Responding

Cannot find the Apple AirPort Extreme after trying to make a connection

Reset Your Device to Default Settings

Unplug your base station from all power sources. Using a narrow object (such as a straightened paper clip), press and hold the reset button for 5 seconds or until the light on the front of the device starts flashing in an amber color. The reset button is located next to the last LAN port and is inside of a small capsule-shaped hole.

Your AirPort Base Station will have the following Settings After Reset:

  • AirPort base stations are set to request an IP address by DHCP.
  • AirPort base station passwords are "public."
  • AirPort base station names revert to "base station xxxxxx," where xxxxxx is the last six digits of the wireless MAC address*.
  • AirPort base station network names are "Apple Network xxxxxx," where xxxxxx is the last six digits of the wireless MAC address*.

*A MAC (Media Access Control) address, also known as a "network ID," is a hardware identification number for a network port. You can find MAC address on the label on the bottom or side of the device.

Cannot Log In or Lost Password

You forgot your password and cannot log in

Perform a Soft Reset

Using a narrow object (such as a straightened paper clip), press but do not hold the reset button. On your computer, select the AirPort network then open the AirPort utility. Then select your base station and choose manual setup from the Base Station menu. Click AirPort in the toolbar, then click Base Station. Then enter a new password for the Base Station. After that, click Wireless and choose an encryption method from the Wireless Security pop-up menu to turn on encryption and activate password protection for your AirPort network. If you turn on encryption, enter a new password for your AirPort network. Finally, click Update to restart the base station and load the new settings.

Device is not establishing Wi-Fi

The Wi-Fi Address is not listed on available networks

Check power

See check power source

Check cable connections

Make sure that all input cables and any output cables are connected properly, if they are not pushed in all the way push cables with a small amount of force till you hear a small click.

Check Wi-Fi antennas

The device should have three Wi-Fi antenna within the case. Upon opening the device, three small panels should be spaced around the outside of the metal casing. Ensure cables run from these three panels to the central system.

Please see Device Dismantling

If all three antenna are present proceed to replace antenna after device is full powered down and discharged, cables can also be replaced.

Replace Wi-Fi Card

The Wi-Fi card is the hardest part to replace for Wi-Fi malfunctions. The Wi-Fi card has a small piece of what looks like cardboard paper on it, do not attempt to remove it.

Follow the '''Wi-Fi Card Removal and Replacement Process'''

Base Station Status Light is Flashing Amber

The AirPort Extreme is unable to receive an internet signal

Check the Ethernet Connection

The Ethernet cable may not be connected. Unplug the Ethernet cable and plug back in. Make sure the cable is inserted fully until locking tab on cable clicks. If all flashing amber light troubleshooting fails, check faulty Ethernet port troubleshooting below.

Check the Modem

Your modem may not be giving off internet signal. Perform a reset by unplugging the modem power cord. Wait 30 seconds and plug back in. Allow modem to finish booting and check AirPort Extreme status light.

Amber Light is still Flashing

If the previous troubleshooting topics have not worked, there may be a problem with the internet provider. Contact your internet provider to check for an outage or account issue.

Ethernet port is faulty

If a device is unable to connect to the Apple AirPort Extreme Model A1143 through an Ethernet connection, first check that the problem is not with the Ethernet cord by using another. If this fails, it may be that the Ethernet port is faulty.

USB port is faulty

The device is not connecting by USB

Check USB Port

If the USB connection to the Apple Airport Extreme Model A1143 is not working, first check the port with another cable. If that does not work the USB port may be faulty and will need to be replaced.

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