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Most common problems with the Acaltel OT-208

Phone will not charge properly

My phone will not charge/will not hold a charge for very long.

If your phone does not seem to be charging properly there is either a problem with the battery or the power adapter. To learn how to test and replace these parts visit our guide. If the guide does not help, you may need to order a new battery.

SIM card error

My phone says network error. Or I got a new phone but kept my SIM card. Now the new phone won’t accept the SIM card.

If you are having issues loading content from an old SIM card on to a new device or your device is showing a network error, this could mean a couple of things. (1) The SIM might not have been inserted correctly, (2) The SIM card might not be compatible with the phone, or (3) The SIM card could be scratched or damaged. To learn how to test your SIM card, check out our guides.

Phone is frozen or will not turn on

I was right in the middle of a text and my keyboard stopped responding. I waited a minute or two and the time never changed.

I think my keyboard is messed up, my phone will not turn on

If you find yourself dealing with similar issues your phone is most likely frozen, the battery is dead, or easily enough, the keyboard has locked itself. When a phone freezes it will not respond to anything. You must either reset the phone or take the battery out and turn it back on. For more information on how to see if your phone is frozen and to reset the phone visit our guides

Phone powers off by itself

My phone randomly turns off or turns off as soon as I power it on

Many times we put our phones in our pockets or purses and when we reach to use them they are off. Make sure that the keypad is locked when you are not using it. It is very easy to have a button pushed when the keypad is not locked. Also, when you are having problems like mentioned above it’s good to check the level of charge on the battery. Sometimes if the charge is low the phone will turn off in order to conserve the last bit of juice.

Keypad not responding

Unlock keypad

Reset phone

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