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Acer Aspire 5100 Troubleshooting

Laptop Won't Turn On

Your computer will not boot.

Bad Operating System

The first thing to check if your computer won't boot is if your operating system has become corrupt. Try reinstalling the OS and see if this solves the problem. If the laptop still will not boot, there is probably a hardware issue.

RAM Problems

If your computer beeps three times, there is a RAM issue. Either you have insufficient RAM to boot, or the RAM you do have is faulty. First, access the RAM slots and ensure you have RAM installed. Here is the page on how to access your RAM. This link will also show you how to install the RAM. If you have two chips, first reset them and try again. If that doesn't work, try one chip at a time to see if one of the chips prevents the machine from booting. If none of these work, you may have a bad logic board.

Bad Hard-Drive

A bad hard drive would prevent the computer from being able to boot the operating system and associated programs.

See the device page for information about how to replace and/or upgrade the hard drive for your Aspire.

Laptop Shuts Off When Power Cable Is Unplugged

As soon as you unplug the computer from a power source, it shuts off.

Dead Battery

The first thing to do if your computer will not run without being connected to AC power is to make sure that your battery is charged up. Allow the computer to charge for awhile and then see if this solves the problem.

Bad Battery

If charging the battery doesn't seem to help the problem, it may be necessary to replace the battery completely. Check the parts section of the device page for information on where to find a replacement battery. Since this type of laptop are no longer manufacture, you can find batteries here.

Bad Southbridge

If replacing the battery with a new one doesn't solve the problem, then it is possible that there is a problem with the southbridge chipset on the motherboard of the laptop. See the guide on motherboard replacement for help with resolving this issue.

My Computer Turns On, but the Screen Is Blank

If the computer boots up, but nothing displays on the screen it is possible that your laptop may need a new screen. Check out the Aspire device page for information on how to replace a bad screen.

The Trackpad and Keyboard Don't Work

The computer boots, but the trackpad and keyboard do not work, and USB devices (such as a mouse) do not work.

Track Pad Turned Off

Check to make sure that the track pad is not disabled. Hold the function (Fn) key and press F7. This should turn the touch pad back on. If this doesn't work try and reinstall the touch pad in windows. If this doesn't work then there is probably a hardware problem.

Bad Track Pad

If the track pad doesn't respond to any of the above steps, then it is likely that it has gone bad. Check the device page for information on replacing the touch pad.

Wireless Internet Is Not Connecting

Your computer will not connect to the internet without being connected with a wire.

The first thing to do is make sure that problem lies with the laptop and not the wireless you are trying to connect to (especially home networks). Try connecting to other networks and see what happens. After verifying that the computer cannot connect to networks that are broadcasting correctly, verify that the laptop's wireless is turned on and that all of the wireless settings match that of your network. If none of this works, then you probably have a bad network adapter. See the device page for information on replacing this component.

No Sound

No sound is coming from your computer when you listen to music or watch videos.

Muted Speakers

The first thing to check is that your speakers are not muted and that the sound is turned up.

Bad Software

Make sure that your laptop has the correct and current sound drivers downloaded and installed. If this doesn't fix the problem, there could be a hardware issue.

Bad Speakers

It's possible that the speakers in your laptop have gone bad. This is most likely if you are getting sound from one speaker and not the other. Check the device page for information on speaker replacement.

Bad Sound Card

If the on-board sound card has failed, then the laptop would not be able to produce sound. Check the device page for information on laptop tear down and sound card replacement.

Logic Board Problems

If all of the previous things have been checked, then there may be a problem with the computer's logic board. See the device page for information on logic board replacement.

None of the Above

Nothing above matches your problem, or you've tried a solution suggested above, but it didn't help.

There are many components to the laptop computer, and many different possible symptoms. If none of the above troubleshooting information seems to fix the problem with your laptop, the most likely problem is a bad logic board. Check the device page for information on logic board replacement.

i have the same problem as you are the audio device is working but hearing no sound.

serafin garcia - Responder

When I plug in my Verbatim memory stick I get notice saying I am not authorized to use this device

anthonyveitch1 - Responder

My computer won't connect to Wi Fi at all and I don't know why. All connections are fine as my IPad and Smart TV Re both working

aber51 - Responder

i have an aspire acer computer and when i try to reboot the system it dont let me since a set a password for the boot system and i dont remember the password there is any possibility to remove the password can anyone help me with this please !

titicl90 - Responder

My acer 5100 started up with a blank/black screen. That's as far as it went. Using the comments above I found that of the 2 ram card slots only 1 (on top) worked. Only keep 1 card in and it starts perfectly. However with that it seems to be functioning even slower. Trying to run disk cleanup (for 2 days now) and it's not making any progress. How do I fix the bad ram drive & why isn't disk cleanup processing (not a smidge of green on bar)? Thanks. I wouldn't mind doing a hard reset but have a ton of family pics I need to get off of it too.

SARAH Hayes - Responder

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